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Spiritual heroes honored during Sabbath school program

Indiana—Spiritual heroes often tend to be great missionaries who spend their lives in foreign countries sacrificing for the sake of spreading the gospel. Or, sometimes our heroes may be dynamic preachers who successfully bring many souls to the Lord.

We may not think about it, but there are also other heroes right in our midst who faithfully go to work each day—rain or shine—to make the money that is needed to support their families, and to also support the valued work of the missionaries and preachers.

As Cicero Church leaders reflected on this, a decision was made to recognize the worth of the working heroes in the local congregation who keep bread on the table for their families, tithe and offerings flowing into the church, plus contribute much effort to keep the wheels of organization in their home church running. It was the season of Father's Day, so each father in the Cicero Church was recognized as an unsung local spiritual hero by giving them a small loaf of homemade bread.

"Being a father has been what has shaped me, helped me grow and made me a better person," said Rich Uphus, head elder of the Cicero Church, as he received his loaf of bread.

Along with the bread, the oldest and youngest fathers were also given a pecan tart. A tart was also given to the fathers with the most children and the most grandchildren, etc. Several dads expressed gratitude for the special recognition at the themed Sabbath school program, and said they had never thought of themselves as heroes because of their contribution to their families and to the Lord's work at home and abroad.

"The program made me feel honored because of my contributions to my family and the Lord's work," shared Larry Zirkle, a member of the Cicero Church. Without these local heroes, the famed missionaries and preachers would not have funds to do their great work.

Ramona Trubey, communication leader, Cicero Church

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