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An Impossible Dream
by Gary Burns

A few of us late "Boomers" recently reflected on our college experiences more than 40 years ago. Our conversations invariably went to the subject of tuition. Our experiences were similar. We were able, with limited assistance from parents, to work our way through school debt-free by cleaning offices, pumping gas, painting, building, etc. Tuition and jobs were more compatible then.

As I listen to the commentators describe the state of our economy and the high rate of unemployment, they often make comparisons to The Great Depression. My mother and several of her nine siblings were born during that era, and it was a struggle for Grandma and Granddad to provide a safe, warm and healthy environment for them.

But it didn't stop with those basic needs. They believed their primary responsibility was to provide for the spiritual needs of their children, and that included an Adventist education to prepare them for service in this life and the life to come.

In 1938, they packed up the whole family in their "home-conversion" truck, The Grapes of Wrath style, and moved to a community where all ten children could be in school—from elementary to college. Talk about a leap of faith!

Their partnership with God included much prayer, extreme personal sacrifice and divine intervention to realize the dream He gave them for their children. They went to their rest in peace, knowing their partnership with God made their dream a reality—even when that dream seemed an impossibility.

Gary Burns is the communication director of the Lake Union Conference.

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