Debra Barr

March 15, 2019

Longtime Grand Rapids Adventist Academy Teacher and Former Principal Retires

After 25 years of commitment to Adventist Christian Education, Grand Rapids Adventist Academy teacher and former principal, Debra Barr is retiring.


Debra Barr joined Grand Rapids Junior Academy in 1994 as their new 7th & 8th grade teacher. After finishing her master’s degree in Educational Administration four years later, she became the school’s vice principal. As the junior academy grew into a full day academy, Debra filled the position of principal for six years until an accident required her to spend time recovering. When she returned to the Academy she covered the position as the academy English teacher, school registrar, librarian, yearbook advisor, and graduation coordinator.


Before moving to Grand Rapids, Debra filled many of these same responsibilities for 14 years at Maplewood Academy.


There were times when Debra’s Grand Rapids home was full of people. Debra’s mother moved to Grand Rapids from Colorado to help her daughter with her busy life. Debra’s brother, a Gulf War veteran, and his family also lived with Debra for a lengthy stretch of time. 


Debra has been generous with her time, talents, and home for many years. The Grand Rapids Adventist Academy staff and students would like you to join them in this celebration of service on Sunday, May 5 from 3:00-6:00 pm in the Grand Rapids Adventist Academy Commons. 1151 Oakleigh Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-3716. For questions, please call 616-791-9797.