June 12, 2019

Hispanic Small Groups Form Ahead of Unusual Evangelistic Campaign

LAKE UNION--The Lake Union, in partnership with the North American Division, is organizing small group meetings in preparation for an unconventional evangelistic campaign to be conducted by Alejandro Bullón.


The goal of VIDAgps, as the small group initiative is called, is to have thousands of healthy small groups across the territory. To make this possible, 2,000 packets of books were sent to all the Hispanic churches in the Lake Union, while training and promotion were provided by North American Division Vice President for Multicultural Ministries, Tony Anobile and VIDAgps coordinator, Abimael Escalante.


“It’s exciting to see small groups all across North America all coming together in their venues, focusing on winning souls through the method that God has ordained to win souls for Christ, which is lay people discipling other lay people, reaching out to other lay people and focusing on the word of God, praying together and supporting each other,” said Carmelo Mercado, Lake Union Conference Vice President for Multicultural Ministries.


He further added that the small group principle has a proven track record of working well because small groups are responsible for bringing more people into the church and retaining them. “They hear the word of God and can find a fellowship of believers,” he said.


Small groups are encouraged to register their group at  www.vidagps.org, where material, including a summary of each lesson done by Bullon, is available. The goal is to be ready for the reaping meeting on April 13-20, where Bullon will preach in a small group setting, unlike the large venues he traditionally fills for evangelistic campaigns.


The North America is hoping to have 15,000 small groups across the division and 30,000 baptisms within the next year.