May 10, 2019

Lake Union Commits to Putting Mission First

At the executive committee meeting on May 8, Lake Union administrators and conference presidents renewed their vow to focus on evangelism and outreach efforts throughout the territory.


Highlights from the meeting include:


  • The Union is committed to supporting conferences with additional funds to help spur growth: $20,000 for church growth, $15,000 for proclamation evangelism, and $10,000 for discipleship training.


  • In 2019, the Union is targeting growth of an additional 1,800 members through efforts such as: church planting, Latino small group evangelism, Oshkosh Camporee baptisms, major proclamation meetings, interstate “Jesus on Prophecy” meetings, discipleship training, GC 2020 prep, Adventist Community Health Initiative (dental and health fairs).


  • The Lake Union leadership is committed to equipping pastors and training members to make disciples for Christ. The year-to-date financial statement reflects $425,000 in additional funding (above the general budget) that have been returned to the local conference for church growth, proclamation evangelism and discipleship training.  


  • The North American Division-led campaign of small group leaders hosting “watch parties” in their homes to view evangelist Alejandro Bullón’s live  preaching on the internet concluded last month. The Division’s goal of 10,000 small groups was surpassed; over 13,000 signed up. Of that number, our conferences had a total of 334 groups: Illinois, 67; Indiana, 84; Lake Region, 79; Michigan, 64; Wisconsin, 40. The event was such a rousing success that a similar type meeting will occur Oct. 4–12.


  • Illinois and Wisconsin Conferences presidents also presented reports. Illinois president Ron Aguilera said there’s a renewed focus on prayer and evangelism. “We strive to encourage our churches to grow and we can’t reach people without focusing on the gospel,” he said. The conference has launched a YouTube channel to bridge the communication gap between churches and the conference. You can subscribe here:


  • Wisconsin president Mike Edge said they are currently focusing on four areas: Church Connect, Cross Connect, Education Connect and Community Connect. He highlighted several areas of growth, including the successful efforts of the new conference evangelist and the lay pastors’ seminary training. “The Lord is continuing to work powerfully in Wisconsin,” he said.