November 29, 2018

NAD President Dan Jackson Shares Leadership Lessons with Wisconsin Pastors

Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division, was guest speaker for the Wisconsin Conference pastors’ meetings held Nov. 27. Jackson gave a presentation on leadership lessons he has learned from 47 years in ministry.


“I was blessed as he shared observations from his own ministry,” said Ministerial director Adam Case. “These lessons illustrated the importance of keeping God first and that we need to focus on being who God called us to be.”


Following his presentation, Jackson spent a couple hours holding a Q and A session with the pastors. “We asked some fair and tough questions,” said Portage District pastor Justin Spady, who came away from the meeting appreciating the fact that, although some of us may hold differences of opinion on issues, we can still have the love of Jesus in our hearts for each other and a focused desire to save souls. “That in itself is a testament to the power of Jesus,” said Spady.


“I feel encouraged that our church continues to be dedicated to the Great Commission,” said pastor Titus Naftanaila of the Madison East District.

“Two things stuck with me from Elder Jackson’s presentation,” said pastor Carlos Ancheta, of the Fox Valley District, “God doesn’t quit! And God never gives up!”


Mike Edge, Wisconsin Conference president, said, “Having our North American Division president share from his heart in an open and transparent way was a unique privilege for our pastoral team. We heard and felt his love for this church, his passion to keep the church focused on the 28 fundamental beliefs and keep prominent the mission of reaching souls for Jesus Christ.”