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Grace in a pandemic

God works in mysterious ways. When I boarded an 11-hour flight to travel over 5,000 miles from Ghana, West Africa, to the U.S. in December 2019, I did not know I would soon experience some of the most incredible milestones in my life.

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Values of true leadership

As a resident on the General Management track of AdventHealth’s Emerging Leadership Program, I have the privilege to work with leaders of its four suburban Chicago hospitals. My residency track is a two-to-three-year program that focuses on preparing participants for leadership roles by providing a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of hospital operations.

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Education evangelism

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God. He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27 RSV)

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Taking God with you

I have a great friend with whom I would run all the time. During these runs we would talk about life, the good, the bad, the ugly. We were honest with each other, and the runs became therapeutic, getting things off our chests.

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Una experiencia inolvidable

“Se le acercó mucha gente que traía consigo cojos, ciegos, mudos, mancos y otros muchos enfermos. Los pusieron a los pies de Jesús, y los sanó; de manera que la multitud se maravillaba al ver que los mudos hablaban, los mancos quedaban sanos, los cojos andaban y los ciegos veían. Y glorificaban al Dios de Israel” (Mateo 15:30-31).

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Coming Home

On the morning of April 1, 2022, staff members of AdventHealth’s four suburban Chicago hospitals walked into work on red carpets, many smiling and rejoicing as the hospitals celebrated the start of a new day as AdventHealth Hinsdale, AdventHealth Bolingbrook, AdventHealth La Grange and AdventHealth GlenOaks.

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Origins of Andrews University

The direct origins of this first Adventist institution of higher learning, its name and current location, are known probably only to some Adventist veterans and history buffs.

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Identifying with imperfect pioneers

Introduction: Last month we published the final chapter of George Knight’s book, Lest We Forget. We now introduce a new column brought to you by the Center for Adventist Research. The name of the column, HIStory, is emblematic of the fact that we firmly believe that the story of the Adventist denomination and its people is a segment of the everlasting gospel. So our history is included in His story of redemption and love. —Editor

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Ten percent becomes one billion

From the very beginning of earth’s history (Gen 4 and 14:20), the Bible provides insights into tithes and offerings, considered a demonstration of one’s faith and complete dependences on God.

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Embracing Faith

Tyler Kern’s passion for filmmaking began when he was just three years old. He recalls, “My mother would always record me with her camcorder, and I loved being in front of and behind the camera.” His early years of life were filled with creativity and discovery as he pieced together home movies, commercials and music videos.

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What God taught me

My name is Delilah Drew and I’m a senior at Andrews University studying Medical Laboratory Science. My five siblings and I attended all of the Adventist schools in Berrien Springs prior to college. You could say our family supports Christian education very well. My older sister, who did student missions in Kosrae, Micronesia, encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone by giving God a year of service.

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Indianápolis inaugura un templo nuevo

“El Señor usará a muchos hombres y mujeres con habilidades comunes. Al trabajar de manera humilde alcanzarán el corazón de la gente. . . . La cantidad de bien que estos portadores de luz en realidad logran no puede ser jamás comprendida en este mundo” (EUM Ms 34, 1902, pár. 8).

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