August 2018

Jóvenes hispanos en Conéctate firman declaraciones

El congreso de jóvenes conocido como Conéctate, patrocinado por la Unión del Lago, se llevó a cabo en la Universidad Andrews del 1 al 3 de junio. El pastor Armando Miranda Jr., Director Asociado del D…

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Reflecting Jesus - 1

The humble, loving Jesus. An example worthy of following, but not one that “normal” humans are tempted to emulate. That’s where transforming grace and the new birth comes in. God wants to take normal …

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When God Fills His Church | The Power of Young Adult Ministry in Your Church — Pt. 1 

Years ago, while serving as a pastor in a city that boarders this union, I could not believe my ears when my conference president stated during a visit to his office, “I see your church is poised to b…

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You can Get There from Here - through Prayer

Hearing the voice of God can happen in some of the most unlikely places. Let me explain. While conducting an outreach session at one of the local abuse shelters one Sabbath afternoon, one of the dear…

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September 2018

End It Now

Marriage began in Eden where everything was perfect — complete and perfect unity between Adam and Eve and their Creator. Can you imagine what that perfect communion would be like — you and your spouse…

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Reflecting Jesus - 2

I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you (John 13:15, KJV). The humble, loving Jesus. An example worthy of following, but not one that “normal” humans are tempted to emul…

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The Call of Disruption

If there is one thing about the leaders of the early church, they never left the world as they found it. That is really not surprising in that their mentor, their Savior, brought change and hope where…

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Unexpected Answer to My Prayer

It was a busy day at Andrews University during the 1974 fall registration. I found myself in the administration building for the final step of making financial arrangements to attend. When questioned …

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¡Terminémoslo ya! – End it Now!

El matrimonio fue creado en el Edén, una relación perfecta entre los esposos y Dios. ¡Qué bello sería andar con Dios como lo hicieron Eva y Adán! Desafortunadamente, esta institución ha ido decayen…

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