Chicago pastors address escalating murder rate

LAKE REGION--Concerned about the escalating murder rate in Chicago, the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) Department held a meeting with the City of Chicago pastors to identify ways the chur…

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Children's Leadership Conference and Pathfinder Leadership Training

CYE hosted the annual Children's Leadership Conference & Pathfinder Leadership Training this past weekend on the Andrews University campus. For the second time in its history, this Children’s Lead…

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Dan Jackson tells communicators to speak in Christ-like manner

North American Division President Dan Jackson told a group of communicators that as they convey their disappointment in the compliance document vote that they should speak in a Christ-like manner. “…

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Glendale Church hosts Nelson Mandela’s stepdaughter to spotlight gender-based and domestic

The Glendale Church hosted a special event last weekend featuring Nelson Mandela’s stepdaughter with the goal of encouraging awareness and advocacy of victims of gender abuse. Josina Machel, Mandel…

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Lake Union medical providers recharge spiritually and professionally

Thank you to all the physicians, dentists, optometrists and their friends and families who took part in the two-day Lake Union Provider Well-Being Conference last week in Oak Brook, Ill. The conferenc…

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A Heart for Missing Members

Every Sabbath, over one million former or inactive Seventh-day Adventists are not in a local congregation somewhere in North America.

The transition from church school to a public school was a jolting experience for the young Kevin Lacy. To help ease the transition, he began hanging out with a group of friends who had gone to public…

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Beyond Baptism

When the baptismal preparation Bible studies are completed, or the excitement of a church-wide public evangelism campaign subsides, new believers find themselves alone in a new church culture... 

It was a Divine appointment between two strangers who didn’t realize how much they’d need each other. After months of Bible study, Kelli Hopper decided she needed “a new start for the new millennium…

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October 2018

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Called to Walk

Andrews University's distance education program allows student to answer God's call.

About three years ago, Nicholas Lozito was giving a sermon when he felt strongly impressed to be a chaplain. “It was an afternoon service,” Nicholas says. “God put this on my heart, and that night I w…

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Chickens on the Door

Children's Sabbath school chicken project aimed to help children in Africa.

“Evelyn,” Mom began, “do you remember the story you heard in Sabbath school about the boys and girls in Africa at the school for the deaf ?” Evelyn looked at her Mom and nodded her head. “Those are th…

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Successful Parenting Begins with Love

Connection and love bloom easiest when there is sunshine in the home, warm smiles, courteous ways and loving words.

Above all other denominations, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been uniquely blessed with the prophetic voice of Ellen White — faithful wife, loving mother and fervent missionary. Many of us may …

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The Plane Truth

Confidence in Jesus, and yes, confidence in expressing truth in these last days is what we’ve all been called to do.

His name is Charley, an 82-year-old seat-mate I had the pleasure of meeting on my flight home from a very profitable meeting at one of our universities. We struck up a conversation as soon as I sat do…

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