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December 12, 2018

Milepost Forms & Information



Submission Information

Submit the announcement right away, so the relatives and friends of the person(s) will see the notice in a timely manner. Please DO NOT save them up and send a whole pile all at once.

Online Submission

Complete the corresponding Milepost Form from the Online Forms Menu on this website. The forms have been carefully designed to obtain exactly the information needed not only for publication in the Lake Union Herald but by people who are researching their genealogy. 

Print Submission

If you desire a hard copy of one of the Milepost forms, please select one of the following occasions above and print out the PDF. Once completed, please mail the form to the communication department at the corresponding conference office.

Mileposts Accepted for Lake Union Members Only

Due to space consideration, Mileposts are published only for individuals who are or have been members of a Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Lake Union. It is important to fill in the blank asking where the person was a member with the name of the Lake Union Adventist Church where their membership was held, even if the person is no longer a member of that church, or was not a member there when deceased. But they still should have been members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, wherever they were living.

Though our policy is to publish obituaries only for church members (past and present), cases where the person/baby was never a church member are handled on an individual basis. It is not our intention to cause pain to the family of deceased persons by being dogmatic about our policy. 

Blended Families

Our forms reflect today's family patterns, which often include blended families. Be sure there is at least one mother and one father for every bride and groom on the Wedding Form, even if there's been a divorce and the father is no longer part of the family. Fill in an absent ex-husband's name and at least the last known state of residence, even if nothing more is known. Otherwise it looks like the mother was unwed when she gave birth. If indeed the mother was unwed at the time of the baby's birth, please indicate this in the Additional Comments text box, so we won't question it later.


Spell names correctly, and include the maiden names of mothers for the sake of genealogists use. Only the information asked for will be used, due to space considerations.