January 27, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the Herald editorial schedule, writing and photo guidelines, or submitting an advertisement? Find your answers in one convenient place.

Lake Union Herald 2021 Editorial Schedule

We are pleased to publish nine issues a year. Do you have a story you'd like to submit, but don't know when to submit it? Take a look at our editorial schedule.
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Photography Guidelines

Whether you're submitting prints, digital and scanned images, or providing photo releases, we look for quality photos that are at least 1MB in size.
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Writer Guidelines

Who Should Write for the Lake Union Herald? Anyone can write for the Lake Union Herald. The Herald editorial team accepts submissions for News, Features, Telling God's StoriesOne Voice, On the Edge and Sharing our Hope columns.

  • News stories that are submitted should accurately represent the church, school or other church-related groups.
  • Each church or institution should have a designated spokesperson.
  • If there isn't a spokesperson, then the individual doing the writing should consult with the pastor, principal or leader of the group before submitting articles.

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Advertisement Editorial Schedule

Looking for deadlines to place an advertisement in the Herald? Check out our editorial schedule!
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As a service to our readers, we provide advertising space to church and parachurch organizations and businesses which provide products or services in harmony with the mission and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Ads must be in good taste and represent businesses and organizations with excellent reputations. The Lake Union Herald editorial staff reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any advertisement at any time, and reserves the right to edit ads to comply with editorial polices.
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Are you looking to sell a service or items, post a job position, or sell property? Click through to fill out and submit a form.
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Address Change/Subscription Removal

If you are currently receiving the Lake Union Herald and would like to submit an address update or spelling correction, or you would like to request to be removed from the Lake Union Herald mailing list, please complete the online form.


To submit an obituary, please fill out the form on the obituary page.
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Celebrating an anniversary? Please fill out the form on the anniversary page.
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Congratulations! To submit your wedding announcement for placement in the Herald, fill out the form so we can let our members know.
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Celebrating a loved ones landmark birthday? Fill out the birthday form on the birthday page.
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