Lake Union Pathfinder Ministries Coordinator Craig Harris | File photo by Jonathon Logan

Lake Union PBE cancelled

Due too the many concerns over the COVID-19 virus, the Lake Union Youth and Pathfinder Directors have voted to cancel the Lake Union Pathfinder Bible Experience for this year. We are saddened to make this announcement, but it is in the best interest of the Lake Union families that the decision had to been made. We have labored on different ways we could implement the test, but with the directives from Federal, State, County, and Conference leaders directing us to caution, we thought it best to cancel the event.

The Pacific Union recently made the same decision, and two other Unions are in the process of determining what they will be doing.

The Good News

If your Pathfinder PBE team(s) would still like to answer the Union Level questions, you can email Pastor Craig Harris at and the questions and scoresheets will be sent to you. If you choose this option, this would be a local club event only.

There will be no Union scoring to determine who finished in first, second or third. This option is for the local edification of the PBE Team.

What About the Division Level?

We have been in constant contact with the North American Division level. They are supportive of the two Unions decision and are making some tough choices of their own as you read this email.

Teams from the Lake Union who choose to take the test this weekend, will not be qualifying for the Division level.

On a brighter note, the NAD will be providing the division level questions to any team that would like to test their knowledge with the division PBE test. Details on this will be coming to your email once the Division level questions and details are solidified.

More Good News

A special PBE hanger bar is being designed and ordered for each PBE participant and coach. This bar can be added to the hanging bars to this years PBE pin. This bar will feature the Quarantine Flag that is used when a ship has a sickness on board and the ship is quarantined.

This special commemorative bar will perhaps give a positive memory to this years disappointments due to the virus!

Once again, the Lake Union Youth and Pathfinder leadership appreciate the time and effort you as a leader have invested into the lives of the young people! You are amazing leaders! We are proud to be on the same team as each one of you! We are also thankful for the hours and hours these young people have spent studying their Bibles. As challenging as all of the cancellations are to us, may we all be drawn closer to Christ as the result of this 2019/20 PBE!

Pathfinder Strong!

Pastor Craig Harris, Lake Union Pathfinder Ministries Coordinator