Wisconsin Pathfinder Club Pathfinder Bible Experience teams pose for a group photo after participating in the PBE conference testing. Photo credit: Zack Payne

March 10, 2022

19 Pathfinder clubs to participate in Lake Union Pathfinder Bible Experience

During the local conference level Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) testing, 19 Pathfinder club teams placed first and advanced to the union level.

This year, teams are tested on their biblical knowledge of the books of 1 Kings and Ruth from the New King James Bible, along with the Bible commentary.

Testing is scheduled for March 19, 2022, at the Stevensville Church in Michigan.

Teams answering correctly within 90% of the top score will then qualify for the final level of testing, which is the North American Division. This year’s Division-level PBE is slated for April 22-23 in Eugene, Oregon.

The following teams qualified to participate in union-level testing:



Katie Fellows is the Lake Union Conference assistant communication specialist