Wisconsin Conference Pathfinder PBE Teams at their Conference levels Pathfinder Bible Experience tests. [Photo courtesy of Zack Payne]

March 9, 2023

33 Pathfinder PBE Teams Advance to Union Finals

The Lake Union Pathfinder Bible Experience teams will test their knowledge on the book of John and its corresponding Bible Commentary, on March 18, 2023 at the Berrien Springs Village Church at 3 p.m.

Teams Participating


  • Brazilian Church Gideon's Army- Team 1
  • Brazilian Church Gideon's Army- Team 2
  • Elmhurst Sentinels- Miracles
  • Elmhurst Sentinels- Rise of the Twelve
  • Fairmont City Cahokians 
  • Fox Valley Maranatha- Team A
  • Fox Valley Maranatha- Team B
  • Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers- Bible Warriors
  • Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers- Faith Fighters
  • Joliet Timberwolves   
  • Maranatha Eben-Ezer
  • Thompsonville Truthseekers



  • Anderson Indians
  • Angola Hawks
  • Cicero Cherokees
  • Indianapolis Central Hispanic Falcons


Lake Region

  • Michiana Area Adventurer and Pathfinder Squad (M.A.A.P.S)
  • Shiloh Trailblazers 



  • Ann Arbor Anchors - Bread of Life
  • Ann Arbor Anchors - Living Water
  • E.L.L.S. Cougars
  • Eau Claire Critters
  • Lansing Capitals - Good Samaritons
  • Lansing Capitals - Nazerines
  • Stevensville Challengers - Baaa
  • Stevensville Challengers - Sheep Gate
  • Stevensville Challengers - Sheepfold



Wisconsin Conference 2023 Pathfinder PBE Teams. [Courtesy of Zack Payne]
Wisconsin Conference 2023 Pathfinder PBE Teams. [Courtesy of Zack Payne]
  • Green Bay Pioneers A
  • Madison Mustangs
  • Watertown Sentinels - Team A
  • Watertown Sentinels - Team B
  • Waukesha Warriors
  • West Milwaukee Mensajeros de Paz “Frijoleros”

Katie Fellows is the Lake Union assistant communication specialist.