Daniel Weber, assistant professor of photography  Photo credit: Courtesy of Daniel Weber 

November 16, 2022

Andrews University Communication Professor Receives Leadership Award

On Oct. 15, at the Society of Adventist Communicators’ (SAC) 33rd annual convention in Columbia, Maryland, Daniel Weber, assistant professor of photography at Andrew University, was awarded the SAC Leadership Award for a decade of outstanding servant leadership.

“Leadership is important to me because it is about providing opportunities for those on your team to grow and be successful in their jobs,” Weber expresses. “When I became a leader, I sought to provide many opportunities for my team to grow and improve because I knew it would benefit our organization.” 

Prior to his time at Andrews University, Weber served as communication director of the North American Division (NAD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Throughout his experience with the NAD, he provided training for staff and managed communication channels between the 56 conferences and nine unions the NAD supports. He notes, “I had an open-door policy that my team and I were available at any time to support their work.” 

Weber also held the role of executive director of the Society of Adventist Communicators, where he worked diligently to increase the participation of college and university students. “I recognized that building relationships between working professionals and students is a win/win situation for the communication field and I sought out partnerships that could make this happen,” he states. “The relationships built through SAC provided many internship and job opportunities for students, many of which have become long-standing communication directors at our conferences, unions and healthcare institutions.” 

In August 2021, Weber joined the Andrews faculty in the Department of Visual Arts, Communication & Design (VACD). In addition to his role as an academic advisor for students, he develops and teaches classes in photography, film, video, podcasting, crisis communication, and cinematography. “I try to help my students discover their talents and grow into strong communication professionals,” he conveys. 

T. Lynn Caldwell, associate professor of communication and chair of VACD, affirms, “In every communication degree program, it is important to have faculty that are theoretically trained and faculty that are professionally trained. Professor Weber comes to Andrews with a long and successful communication career in for-profit and nonprofit organizations. His communication expertise is invaluable to the student who wants to become a public relations practitioner, journalist, photographer, videographer or graphic designer.” She adds, “Professor Weber is one of the most effective networkers I know. Andrews students have already greatly benefited from his professional network.”  

Weber is the first individual to receive an official leadership award from the Society of Adventist Communicators. The accolade recognizes his service in his many roles, as well as the deep impact he has had on his fellow communicators. Weber acknowledges, “I was pleasantly surprised to receive the SAC Leadership Award. To be recognized by your peers is a humbling honor, and I value the relationships I was able to build with them over the years.” He goes on to say, “The work of communication is a vital part of any organization. Whether it is church work, health care or education, having strong communication leadership is important. To be honored for my work in this field is a recognition of the value of having a talented team surrounding me.” 

He reaffirms his deep appreciation for his community, stating, “Early in my leadership role I read a statement that successful leaders needed to not be afraid to have people on your team that were smarter than you. I strived to follow this model and employ the best and brightest, making sure my ego never got in the way. Leaders that are recognized for their leadership are a result of the talented people they work with. I was blessed to work with a talented team over the years and this award is a reflection of their work as well.” 


Isabella Koh, University Communication student writer