May 1, 2024

As for Me and My House

In Joshua 24, the passage describes a pivotal moment when Joshua gathers all the tribes of Israel at Shechem, reminding them of their history and how God has guided and provided for Israel in the past and present.

In verse 15, Joshua concludes his appeal by urging the Israelites to choose faithfulness to God, while also declaring where his and his family's loyalties lie, stating, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." 

Our conference president, Jim Micheff, will open camp meeting with his message Friday evening. Our main speaker for the first Sabbath through Sunday night will be John Wesley Taylor V, president of Andrews University. Each morning of camp meeting will begin with an early morning worship by Steve Wohlberg, the speaker and director for White Horse Media.  

Our speaker for the mid-morning meeting will be Dwain Esmond, associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate. Eric Walsh, a physician and health care administrator, will be the main speaker on Monday and Tuesday evening. Mark Finley will be the evening speaker from Wednesday evening through Sabbath evening to close out camp meeting.  

Our prayer and desire are that camp meeting will be a spiritual blessing to each one. As we devote a few days to seek the Lord together, may the hearts of old and young be encouraged and strengthened in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

*Our Hispanic Camp Meeting will take place at Camp Au Sable May 24-26 and our Upper Peninsula Camp Meeting will take place at Camp Sagola September 6-8.  

Please visit the Michigan Conference website for more information:  

Justin Ringstaff, Executive Secretary, Michigan Conference