Breath of Life Speaker/Director Debleaire Snell speaking at the Praise Fellowship Church in South Bend, on Fri. June 7, 2024

June 20, 2024

Breath of Life Broadcast from South Bend

It was homecoming for Breath of Life Speaker Director Debleaire Snell.

Twenty-two years ago, while studying for his master of divinity at Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Snell served as an intern at the Praise Fellowship Church in South Bend.

He was back in the area from June 7-8, 2024 with Breath of Life ministries.


Many of the Michiana churches closed their own doors and came together for a time of prayer, worship, fellowship, and the word. Sponsoring Michiana pastors and churches participating were Denry White of the Highland Avenue church; Martin Hanna of All Nations;  Thorly James of Praise Fellowship; Claval Hunter of the Berean Transformation Center; and Farai Nhiwatiwa of Grand Rapids Bethel).


Pastor Snell’s messages during this weekend challenged our faith in God. Listeners left knowing that God’s grace is sufficient, He is deserving of worship, and God can and will do the impossible.

You can watch the program on the Berean Transformation Center Facebook page.

Fun Fact: Two of Breath of Life speakers came out of South Bend: Pastor Snell served as an intern at Praise Fellowship, and Carlton Byrd served as intern at the South Bend Berean church, which is now the Berean Transformation Center of Seventh-day Adventists.