May 7, 2019

But, Lord, I Don’t See How!

Some call it a whisper. Some call it a nudge. You may have sensed it as a prompt. Whatever the definition, I'm sure you have felt it, too. It's not an audible sound, but it's as real as though it were. A familiar Scripture term is a still, small voice.

There's no predictable pattern; it may go like this: You're rushing around the house getting ready for the day, when a name comes to mind. It's a friend you haven't talked to for a while. Nothing to suggest there is any trouble, it's just the name — or the face — you can't shake. Is that God's whisper, saying, "Why don't you give Sally a call?" Why not assume it is, and call her. Something simple. . . "I was combing my hair this morning and your name came to mind so I thought I'd just call and tell you I prayed for you today." Three minutes.


But what if Sally didn't need a call? Okay, but what if she did? You may never know the answer to that question. Or Sally may tell you. Either way, you've been faithful to respond to the whisper you sensed from the heart of God. He loves that.


You're sitting in a worship service as the saints are assembling. A couple comes in and sits across the aisle from you. You don't recognize them but they kind of look like they could use a friend. You think to yourself, "I probably should speak to them after service." Then the nudge seems to suggest, "Maybe they need it now?" Have you just created a minor disruption during the prelude, or have you just responded to a nudge from the throne room of the universe? Have you embarrassed the guests or have you honored them by showing love that was spontaneous and genuine? I believe God smiles when we err on the side of showing we care.


"But, brother Don, I'm too shy to do that." This isn't about you. This is about people God loves and how He searches for those who will deliver that message for Him. So you and I seek to live in a way that is sensitive to His nudge, to His whisper. It can happen often and our goal is to walk with Him so that we sense the prompt and have the grace to respond to it. He loves that.