Every week I spend at Camp Au Sable is extraordinary, but one I will absolutely never forget happened when I was a 10-year-old camper.

April 28, 2023

Camp Au Sable & Camp Sagola 2023

Every week I spend at Camp Au Sable is extraordinary, but one I will absolutely never forget happened when I was a 10-year-old camper.

I was thrilled and terrified to be away from home for the first time. The week consisted of crafts, games and amazing friendships, but the most memorable moment happened during the Friday night play.

“If any of you want to accept this call and give your life to the Lord in baptism, come up front.” Nobody. All was silent except for a few emotional sniffles in the distance. A tear ran down my cheek that I hoped would go unnoticed; but someone did notice. The assistant counselor of my cabin, Emory Dent, grabbed my hand and walked with me toward the greatest decision I've ever made. I've never looked back.

Now that I am a counselor, I am always looking for these moments that I can share with my campers. I received many blessings last summer, but one of the most beautiful examples happened during foot-washing.

I led my cabin members to a peaceful, quiet spot right on the shore of Lake Shellenbarger and we got into our usual football huddle. Instead of our normal rambunctious excitement, we all took turns sharing what we were most looking forward to in Heaven. Tears rolled as we sang a few songs and talked some more. After that, I took each of the boys aside and individually prayed with them and washed their feet. 

Finally, I came to the troublemaker of the cabin. He was the type of boy I had many reasons not to like. I caught myself just going through the motions because, deep inside, I had no desire to do this for him. Feeling a bit of guilt, I continued in a more thoughtful way. I prepared to wash the dirt from his brown speckled feet lined with marks from his flip flops, but before I started, he yelled impulsively, “Wait! Mr. Tyler, would it be ok if I washed yours instead?”

“Of course,” I said, holding back a giant sob stuck in my throat. He then said something that will stick with me forever, “I'm excited about Heaven because you and Cabin 15 will be there.” 

All I thought about for the rest of the night is the new thing I'm looking forward to most about Heaven … I can't wait to stand before the throne of Jesus and hear Him say, “Welcome, Cabin 15.”


Camp Au Sable Dates

  • June 11–18 | Adventure Camp (ages 8–10)
  • June 18–25 | Junior Camp (ages 10–13)
  • June 25–July 2 | Tween Camp (ages 12–14)
  • July 2–9 | Teen Camp/High School Camp (ages 14–17)
  • July 9–16 | Family Camp I
  • July 16–23 | Family Camp II
  • July 23–30 | Family Camp III

Location: Camp Au Sable, 2590 Camp Au Sable Dr, Grayling MI 49738

Registration Information

Contact: Jordan Grove
Web: campausable.org
Email: jgrove@misda.org
Phone: 989-348-5491


Camp Sagola Dates

  • July 16–23 | Junior Camp (ages 8–12)
  • July 23–30 | Teen Camp (ages 13–17)

Location: Camp Sagola, 2885 State Hwy M-69, Crystal Falls MI 49920

Registration Information

Contact: Craig Morgan
Email: campsagola@gmail.com
Phone: 313-333-6129

Tyler Morgan is currently the Nature Center intern at Camp Au Sable. He has served in the camping ministry at Camp Au Sable as a counselor for three summers and Camp Sagola as a counselor for one summer. He is a secondary education and English student at Southern Adventist University.