June 1, 2020

Camp Au Sable | Michigan

During staff orientation of my first summer working at camp, I remember being amazed every evening as I watched the sun set over Lake Shellenbarger. As I continued to explore Camp Au Sable, I began to love the beautiful pine trees, walks around the boardwalk and the quietness of the Northwoods. I etched in my journal that first week, “Could this place be any more beautiful?” 

Just weeks later, I found myself surrounded by a cabin full of giggling girls, walking back to our cabin from an evening program. As we walked, I recollected memories from the previous weeks. I remembered the camper who was scared all week of riding horses; when she finally faced her fear, she firmly decided she wanted her own pet horse. I thought of the previous week when every girl in my cabin had decided they wanted to be baptized after watching, in the Friday Night Play, the replication of Christ’s life and sacrifice. I thought of evenings spent praying individually with each of my campers before bedtime and recalled the way I saw them opening their hearts up to me and, more importantly, to God. I remembered the laughter, the songs, the smiles, and the joy of these beloved girls.  

 As we made it back to our cabin, I smiled and realized that these little moments are what truly make Camp Au Sable beautiful. Yes, the nature and scenery are breathtaking, but the true beauty is in the way that God uses one week spent swimming, climbing, canoeing, studying the Bible, singing and exploring nature to show campers the eternal love He has for them.  

The true beauty of Camp Au Sable is seeing God change the hearts of the campers, while also watching how He uses the campers to change your life. 

1 John 3:1, Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called “children of God!” 


Bailey Gallant, an Elementary Education major at Weimar Institute and current vice president of Programming for G.Y.C., served at Camp Au Sable as a counselor, teacher and office staff. She is passionate about children’s and youth ministry.  


Camp Dates 

  • July 5 thru 12: Youth Camp 1 (*Ages 8-11) 

  • July 12 thru 19: Youth Camp 2 (*Ages 10-14) 

  • July 19 thru 26: Youth Camp 3 (*Ages 12-15) 

  • July 26 thru Aug 2: Youth Camp 4 (*Ages 13-17) 

*The adjusted age groupings are designed to provide expanded options and to provide ways for multiple siblings and their friends to attend together.