The key avenue for the South Bend Berean Church outreach ministry is through the "Touch 10k Souls for Christ Challenge," an initiative designed to motivate members to care for the community.

April 26, 2021

Community outreach expands while church building is closed

South Bend’s Berean Church may’ve closed its doors as a result of the pandemic, but God has opened others for ministry to flourish throughout the city. 

The key avenue for the outreach mission is through the "Touch 10k Souls for Christ Challenge," an initiative designed to motivate members to care for the community. The project was implemented after taking an assessment of the city’s needs, which was found to center around issues related to health, gun violence, activities for children and youth, and single parent support. After examining the needs, the church was divided into teams with each of them responsible for planning monthly outreach activities and mobilizing the rest of the church. The activities began in July 2020 and have continued to this day. 

The pandemic provided several opportunities to: 

  • Thank essential workers in hospital units and nursing homes 
  • Provide gift baskets full of snacks, fruit, and a gift certificate to the fire department precincts
  • Feed the homeless a home-cooked meal
  • Join resources with an organization “Mamas Against Violence"  
  • Develop an afterschool tutoring program and other services, in partnership with Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
  • Link arms with other community leaders in the Faith in Indiana coalition, with the goal of changing the South Bend Police Department’s use of force policy
  • Expand the food pantry, as a result of several grants received   


Our new pastor, Claval Hunter, has been instrumental in having us become a community-focused church committed to serving people, and not primarily on increasing our membership.   

It’s remarkable that all this was accomplished despite our pastor arriving after our church doors closed. All the planning for the community outreach has occurred virtually. It is apparent that God is responsible for providing the increase.

To learn more about our ministry and even become one of our faithful partners, visit us at;  follow and subscribe to the YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Beverly Sedlacek, South Bend Berean Church member