This team of creatives aim to engage, inspire, and awaken transformation in others globally through Jesus Christ. Pictured, top, left to right: Krystofer PinnockElder Michael CampbellGabrielle White; middle, left to right: Serena ScottJosh Essex,  Joshua Robinson; bottom, left to right: Jaden Robinson, and Jeremy Robinson.   

September 3, 2021

Digital Animation Evangelism bring youth together

In the digital age we are living in, sharing the gospel has become easier than ever before. Through social media Christians are able to evangelize all over the world, and that’s just what the team at Digital Animation Evangelism (DAE) is doing.

In June of 2020, Lake Region churches All Nations Fellowship and First Evanston, came together to form Digital Animation Evangelism. “DAE was created as a means to bring Seventh-day Adventist youth together, and utilize our talents in a creative realm specifically through animation to win souls over to Christ” says DAE president, Krystofer Pinnock. 

Statistics state that 70-75% of Christian youth leave the church after high school and only half return to the church years later. “In the midst of the pandemic, we kinda realize we needed a space for the youth. It was out of that it (DAE) came into being” says Educational Manager and Youth Pastor of the First Evanston Church, Donald Hall. 

This team of creatives aim to engage, inspire, and awaken transformation in others globally through Jesus Christ. “I feel like we’re entering that space where our young people are at. They are on social media, they are taking in content elsewhere; so I feel like in order to really be a part of our youth’s lives we need to be where they are at, and DAE has created that venture where we could really capitalize on that for our young people” says Hall.

The group is also involved in praying for the public. “We have a digital creation talking about the love of God or whatever it may be, and at the end of that we ask people to send in their prayer request” says Hall.  

The group is currently working on their first movie entitled The Summit. “It’s a tale of great perseverance through faith in Christ.” says Pinnock. “If someone has an interest and a talent, they see what we’re doing and they figure they can contribute, I believe that we can find a place for just about anybody” says co-founder Elder Michael Campbell.

DAE welcomes participation and contributions of Christian talent from around the globe, but ask that they adhere to the group’s bylaws when creating content. All content, of course, is screened by the Biblical advisory team before distribution.

“I’m a firm believer in not changing our message, but changing the method in which we deliver our message. Social media is where it is at right now. If it’s the medium that we have to connect with young people I believe that as a church that we should invest whole-heartedly. We need to be there as well with creative content so that they too can see the gospel through digital media. And I feel like that’s what we are trying to accomplish in our DAE group” says Hall

To get in contact with DAE, please send an email to, or if you have a prayer request message them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Gabrielle White, Digital Animation Evangelism screenwriter