Seventeen teams from Lake Region, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan participated in this year's Pathfinder Bible Experience third round testing on the Bible books 1 Kings and Ruth. Photo credit: Jonathan Logan

March 24, 2022

Eight Pathfinder Bible Experience teams qualify for division level

What do Zadok the Priest, Nathan the Prophet, King David, his sons Adonijah and Solomon, Bathsheba, and Ruth all have in common? The 2022 Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) . . . that’s what!

Yes, this year Pathfinders from all across the NAD who participated in PBE committed the Scriptures of 1 Kings, Ruth, and the SDA Bible Commentary on those books to memory. And what an incredible job they did!

As a pastor, I was delighted to see how eager these young people were to study their Bibles so deeply and commit so many challenging names, phrases, and events to memory. Not only from a conceptual perspective, but quite specifically in detail. In fact, during the Conference-Level Meet, Elder Titus Naftanaila, President of the Wisconsin Conference, jokingly encouraged the Pathfinders by saying, “Don’t worry if you don’t get all the answers right, if I had to take this test of 90 questions to do my job, I’d be fired.”  I totally concur…and empathize with Elder Titus.

On Sabbath, March 19, I had the privilege of accompanying a group of our Pathfinders from the Green Bay Church to Stevensville, Michigan, for the Union-level meet. The church was full of Pathfinders from Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region, Michigan, and Wisconsin conferences. The 17 teams were all studied up on their respective portions of the Scriptures/Commentaries and their ability to recite what they’d committed to memory was remarkable.

Truly ,”Pathfinder Bible Experience” is just that, an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. Not only do these young people get to commit God’s Word to their memories, they are building community and friendship with their peers.

Lake Union Club Ministries Coordinator Craig Harris helped organize the program and he remarked, "I'm very proud to be part of this worldwide organization called Pathfinders. Each Pathfinder pledges to be pure, kind, and true through Christ. With Christ in them - they serve both Christ and mankind with a steadfast heart."

The following are the teams and placements for the Lake Union PBE.  Those finishing in first place (marked with an asterisk) are invited to participate in the North American Division level PBE in Eugene, Oregon on April 22-23.

The teams that participated are: 


  • Fox Valley Maranatha * 
  • Hinsdale Fil-am Mara * 
  • Hinsdale Fil-Am Faith Fighters 
  • Brazilian Gideons Army 
  • Fairmont City Caleb 



  • Angola Hawks 
  • Cicero Cubits



  • Shiloh Trailblazers * 
  • Pontiac Warriors 



  • Ann Arbor team Prophets * 
  • Lansing team John * 
  • Lansing team Berean * 
  • Stevensville Team Ba Ana * 
  • Stevensville Team Pomegranates *  



  • Madison Mustangs 
  • Green Bay Pioneers 
  • La Hayes Mensajeros De Paz 
  • Rice Lake Skywatchers 


Cory Herthel pastors in Wisconsin Conference.