March 4, 2020

Faith at Work

Employees make a surprising discovery


I am a supervisor at a company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I onboard new employees by providing orientation for them and then take them out to the department where I supervise and put them to work. Jules Mukunzi was one of the employees that began that day on third shift after his orientation.

It was a busy night. After placing him on an offline job, I set up to work next to him as we needed the extra support. Jules and I began talking about food. “I love vegetarian cooking,” I told him. His face lit up as we continued talking and he asked, “What church do you go to?” I told him I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist and that I had visited Adventist churches in the area but was praying for God to lead me to a good Adventist church where I could feel at home. I said, “Even though I am not a member anywhere, I have longed to join the church where God wants me to be — I’ve been praying for God to point me to a church where I can be used.” He exclaimed, “I am so happy to be here! I prayed for a job that wouldn’t require me to work on Sabbath (we work a four-day week, no Friday or Saturday hours) and that I would have an Adventist supervisor!” We began rejoicing! It was an answer to both of our prayers, all at the same moment! But this was only the beginning!

The next day I mentioned to another supervisor that we could use another operator to help Jules build more parts. She sent over a wonderful worker named David. Before David arrived, I told Jules that David didn’t speak English well, but then I found out God had already provided a solution for that problem. Jules was fluent in nine African languages! When David arrived, Jules began speaking Swahili with David and soon both were laughing. It was the most I had ever seen David speak!

I had to leave for a moment but when I returned Jules was very excited and said, “David is Adventist, too!” Jules told David that I was raised Adventist and was looking for a church I could call home. David spoke in Swahili and Jules interpreted, “David wonders if you know this song?” David began singing in Swahili, “Would you be free from the burden of sin...?” Immediately I knew the tune and, with Jules and David singing in Swahili and I in English, we began to sing, “There’s Power in the Blood!”

It was wonderful! What a huge blessing for the three of us. David was finally connecting with an Adventist brother, singing with brothers of the faith I’ve always loved, and working in a company where we could keep Sabbath holy. But the story wasn’t over.

Several years ago, I went to 3ABN and did a day of musical recordings of me singing. I wanted to share one of the songs with Jules, so I pulled it up on my phone before work the next day. When I walked into my department, sitting there, waiting for the shift to start, was Gloria, one of my employees. I had a strong impression to share the video with her. I left her my phone, went to put the rest of my things at my desk, and began to walk back to retrieve my phone. She was standing and asked, “Is this you?” She seemed very surprised. I said, “Yes, when I was younger and thinner” and began laughing. She asked me, “What denomination are you?” I told her I was born and raised Seventh-day Adventist. Gloria said, “So was I!” She told me her entire family was Adventist! Glory be to God in Heaven! Now there were four of us! And if that wasn’t enough, God surprised us by sending another employee — a fifth Adventist — to join my department, whose father is an elder of an Adventist church!

I have learned two lessons from these experiences. First, always live and share your faith because you never know who you will meet! Second, pray and ask God for whatever you need because nothing is impossible for Him! You see, God not only answers prayer, He works miracles, too!

Since this happened, I began attending the Elwell Church and have asked to join. My desire is that this story can give hope to those that need to experience answers to prayer and the miraculous power of God. If God did it for me, He can do it for you!

I have learned two lessons from
these experiences. First, always
live and share your faith because
you never know who you will
meet! Second, pray and ask God
for whatever you need because
nothing is impossible for Him!


LaShelle Greene is a production supervisor of Hadley Advantage in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jules Muzunki is Pathfinder director at Elwell Church in Wyoming, Michigan.