June 18, 2019

Faithful and True

Although raised as a Seventh-day Adventist, as time went along, I stopped practicing my faith. There was no time for God. I was a busy wife and owner of a successful farrier business where I traveled from farm to farm, trimming and shoeing horses. I eventually came to the place where I knew something was missing.

My older brother sensed my restlessness and began witnessing to me of the peace Jesus brings to life. Soon I began Bible studies with Lena Church pastor, Rick Binford, and loved the studies! Suddenly the Bible wasn’t just [a book of] rules, but one which revealed a God trying to save me and show me how to be completely happy.

I remember taking a walk with my husband; he was not happy with my new choices, as my beliefs were changing my lifestyle. I was walking along one day thinking, “You could just let this all go and return to your old life. Your husband would be happy, and life would be easier.” Then I prayed, “God give me the strength to move forward.” By God’s amazing grace, I was re-baptized; for the first time felt my life was complete.

Since my husband and I do not share the same faith, tithing became an issue. Again, I prayed, and we came to an agreement I would tithe from my income. I was grateful, yet felt I wanted to do more for God in offerings. “How was I to do that and stay true to my husband as well?”

Once again, I took this to God in prayer and He provided an answer. As a farrier, I often received tips, so I decided to return any tips I received to Him.

At church that week, I had learned that our Pathfinders had advanced to the Bible Experience finals and needed funds to travel to Washington D.C. So, Monday morning before work I prayed, “Please, Lord, I want to help; all my tips are Yours.”

After my second job that morning, my client added $100 to the bill as a tip. I had to call and share the amazing news with my pastor. I then stopped to tell my younger brother and his wife the good news; they promptly pulled out their checkbook and added to the handsome amount.

Yet God’s answers didn’t stop there. I prayed one morning about my desire to help support a church plant our church is sponsoring, and that very morning a client added a $70 tip to his bill. You have to understand; tips are common but certainly not for that amount.

God’s gracious answers to prayer continue. One of my client’s daughters, Sarah, took Bible studies and was baptized. And my younger brother and his wife have chosen to be baptized.

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works (Psalm 9:1).