Joshua Ahn. Photo credit: Joe Lee

March 29, 2022

Finding the missing piece

It all started during his sophomore year of college.

“I was allowed to go serve in the leprosy colonies of China for two months. I was expecting it to be like any other mission trip that I had been on,” he said. At the time, he did not know just how much of an impact this mission trip would have on his life.

Joshua Ahn was born and raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. “Throughout my childhood, I was blessed with parents, teachers . . . and mentors that helped me grow and develop my faith,” he explained. His experience was better than he could have asked for, but there was still a missing piece—what his faith meant to him.

While Ahn was trying to decide his career path, he was drawn to medicine. “I wanted to be a doctor because I thought it would be the most effective way for me to help people,” he recounted. While he believed this was God’s will for his life, he had never thought to consult Him regarding the matter. Ahn pursued pre-medical education for two years. During the summer after his sophomore year of college, he was granted the opportunity to serve as a missionary in the leprosy colonies of China for two months.  

While in China, Ahn realized he couldn’t rely on anyone except God. “I went through experiences that called me to rely fully on God for the first time in my life . . . . I realized that I didn't know God but, most importantly, I realized that I had no idea how much God wanted to know me!” By serving God and others in tangible ways, he tasted the joy of serving those around him. “I was convicted by Isaiah 58, declaring that the "true fast" is to serve the poor and the needy, that this was the service that was truly acceptable to God.” He was so deeply convicted that he extended his time of service to a full year! “I want to continue experiencing the sweet love of Christ in my life and share it with as many people as I can, wherever I am, whatever I do," Ahn said.

After Ahn returned to the United States, he felt convicted to change his major to Education and serve in full-time ministry with CAMPUS. Ahn also has served as Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)'s treasurer and is currently GYC’s vice president of Programming. He believes God has been orchestrating every step of his life. “I would not have it any other way because, just as Abraham knew when he was leaving his homeland, I, too, believe that the happiest place in this life is where God would have me to be.”


Samuel Girven, 15, is a student at Northview Elementary and ASPIRE Academy.