March 28, 2022

Following Jesus Faithfully

Illinois Conference Camp Meeting

Illinois Conference Family Camp Meeting at Camp Akita is scheduled for July 27‒30. The theme will be “Following Jesus Faithfully.” Following Jesus Faithfully means we obey the words of Jesus and accept His invitation when He says, Follow me and I will make you fishers of men (Matt. 4:19).

My desire is that all of us will strive to follow Jesus faithfully and share with others our testimony and our discovery that life with God works out better than life without Him. Our theme this year follows up on last year’s theme, “Proclaiming Jesus Passionately.”  To Proclaim Jesus Passionately, we must be following Jesus faithfully. This will be our focus during our time together at beautiful Camp Akita.

Wednesday through Friday presentations will be by some of our own Illinois Conference pastors. Our speaker Friday night and Sabbath morning and evening will be Elder Ken Denslow, Lake Union Conference president. Elder Denslow is no stranger to Illinois having served the Illinois Conference for many years. Sabbath School will be led by Elder Glenn Hill. There will be seminars, classes, activities, and fun for all ages. Plan now to attend.

It is our prayer that Illinois Conference Family Camp Meeting will be a spiritual blessing to all and that we will experience Jesus and the joy of following Him faithfully.

Ron Aguilera is president of Illinois Conference.