March 29, 2022

Illinois summer camp: Camp Akita

I am originally from Texas, but last summer I had the amazing opportunity to work at Camp Akita.

Not only was it the best summer camp that I had ever been to—with amazing faculty, staff and campers, but I connected with God on a deeper level.

In my role as arts and crafts teacher, I experienced Jesus through every single camper I encountered. The atmosphere here is different than any other camp that I have ever been to or worked at; we truly are a family and love all of the kids like our own. Our camp director and his family became like our family, whether it was just for a week or for the whole summer.

Friday nights were always my favorite because it’s the last night of the play and also the lantern lighting. Those nights were always so beautiful, and, on the lanterns, we would write our prayer requests before we would send them up into the starry night sky. While we wrote our requests, I would tell each of my campers how they impacted me that week; there was never a time when we didn’t cry together and tell each other the things that made us who we are. On the very last week with the teen campers, they actually flipped the script and told me how I impacted them, something I will never forget.

Every summer should be an adventure. Not only an adventure, but one filled with fun and with God. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Camp Akita and you will have the Greatest Adventure! I had the most amazing summer, working with great people with whom I still talk regularly and am proud to call my friends. I am beyond excited to go back to Camp Akita this summer and begin another journey with Him in the greatest adventure we can partake of!

God has a plan for you. Yes, you! He knows exactly what He is doing and why, and I am still learning that every day.


Andrea Cardenas, Camp Akita staff