The Indiana ABC has been renamed Three Angels Natural Foods & Christian Books. Randy Griffin, back left, is the new general manager and Kathy Griffin, second row left, is marketing manager.

December 2, 2021

Indiana ABC has fresh look

New leadership and name

The Indiana ABC has been serving people of all ages, races, and religious persuasions for more than 80 years. After originating near downtown Indianapolis in the late 1940s, it moved to Broad Ripple in 1966 and one other location in Indianapolis before it landed on the Indiana Academy campus in 1973 in a temporary building. In 1974 Harold Zacharias built and managed the new store which is where we currently reside.  

Our purpose for existing has always been to offer resources that bring awareness to the gospel and to the nearness of Christ’s return. We have had countless camp meetings, holiday sales, and Sunday sales throughout the years. Our predecessors have traveled promoting books and veggie food and stocking satellite store locations. The book mobile may have graced your church back in the day giving you a glimpse of new arrivals and providing much-needed evangelism tools. You may even fondly remember the ABC as the Book & Bible House! As these decades have flown by, our mission is still before us. It is exciting yet sobering to see prophecy unfolding all around us knowing that we have the resources to unlock the truth that so many need, right in our own communities. Books can be a resource, a gift, an escape, a favorite pastime, or personal enrichment, to name a few. But for the lost it can be an avenue to truth and eternal life.  


There are many options at the ABC to inexpensively share the gospel. We have upwards to 900 varieties of share books and materials that are well under $5 per item. When purchased by the case, they are even more cost effective. Pocket Signs, Glow Tracts, and share magazines are great materials to keep in your purse or car. There are also numerous Bible study guides always available for one-on-one or group studies. Steps to Christ is available by the case in several languages as well as The Great Controversy and all other EG White books.  

Health evangelism is the right arm of the gospel and a large part of our legacy as a church. You don’t have to look far into society to find someone who is looking for lifestyle reform. There are numerous ads on social media promising people results that cost a small fortune, but at the ABC we offer books and materials based on Biblical principles and natural remedies for a fraction of the cost! In the coming year we will be offering free, lifestyle classes to the community. Our health ministry books have wisdom that will help heal lifestyle diseases and improve quality of life while boosting the immune system. Who couldn’t use a better immune system?!  


The following E.G. White quote from "Christian Service" (p. 158) is worth considering as we contemplate the coming new year. “The work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity she will have to do in a terrible crisis under most discouraging, forbidding circumstances.” Every day is a great day to sow evangelism seeds! Be a part of the Indiana ABC mission which is a part of the greater mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Indiana and the Lake Union Conference. Help us get these books into the hands of those who are open and searching for truth. Come and browse and hang out for a while, or you can call the store to place an order. Our friendly sales staff will have your order to you within days. Above all, please pray for us as we go forward in faith, and that we can maximize the use of our Adventist message during these last days. 

Fun Facts

  1. Our store has over 5,000 available items. 
  2. We receive fresh bread every month. 
  3. We have a book called, "Humpy the Moose."
  4. Kelp power is a seasoning for vegetarian/vegan, fishy taste. 
  5. Oregano essential oil is great for treating cold viruses. 


New Name

The Indiana ABC has been renamed Three Angels Natural Foods & Christian Books. For years we have tried reaching out to the surrounding community but found that the community viewed the ABC as a store just for Adventists. In an effort to make the community feel welcome, we chose to use Three Angels as part of the name because it is distinctly Adventist, yet it does not sound exclusive. We will still be carrying Bibles, Christian books, and EG White Books in English and Spanish, veggie food, natural foods, children’s materials, and all the other resources we have offered over the years. We strive to be a Christian store where everyone feels welcome. Thank you for your patience as we go through this transition and for your continued support and prayers as we go forward. 


Randy Griffin is general manager and Kathy Griffin is marketing manager of the Three Angels Natural Foods and Christian Books. To place an order, call 317.984.5393 or visit