On Sabbath June 8, the final day of the weeklong Indiana camp meeting, three pastors were ordained: (L to R) Thomas Clark, Sam Ngala, and Anthony Nix. [Photos by Stanton Witherspoon]

June 13, 2024

Indiana Conference Ordains Three Pastors at Camp Meeting Finale

On Sabbath June 8, the final day of the weeklong Indiana camp meeting, three pastors were ordained: Thomas Clark, Sam Ngala, and Anthony Nix.


A Memorable Ordination Message 

During the service, Lake Union President Ken Denslow delivered the ordination message, sharing a personal anecdote from 38 years ago that has stayed with him throughout his ministry. He juxtaposed this memory with the profound significance of ordination dates in the lives of spiritual leaders, likening it to Isaiah’s recollection of his own call to ministry. 


The Call to Worship 

Denslow emphasized that the first call of ministry is to worship. Drawing from Isaiah 6, he painted a vivid picture of Isaiah’s vision of God’s glory, underscoring the importance of recognizing and revering the majesty of God. He shared personal experiences of worshiping in various settings, from grand cathedrals to quiet sanctuaries, highlighting that true worship transcends location and form, focusing instead on the heart's connection with God. 


The Call to Purity 

The message transitioned to the theme of purity, explaining that genuine worship leads to a recognition of one’s own shortcomings in contrast to God’s holiness. Denslow shared that this humility and purity are prerequisites for being used by God in ministry, as exemplified by Isaiah’s purification through a burning coal in his vision. This purification symbolizes the cleansing necessary for those who answer God’s call. 


The Call to Serve 

Denslow reflected on the readiness to serve, drawing parallels between Isaiah’s immediate response to God’s call and the commitment required of pastors. He highlighted that those who are ordained are called to live lives of purity, humility, and service, ready to go wherever God leads. 


Responses from the Newly Ordained Pastors 


    Thomas Clark 

Thomas Clark currently pastors the Columbus Indiana district. He graduated from Western Governors University with a degree in Business Management and currently is in the Master of Arts for Pastoral Ministry program. Among his pastoral achievements are helping to start a Spanish church plant in Seymour, Indiana, in 2020, and playing a key role in opening Maple Creek Adventist Academy in 2021, where he continues to be very involved. 

Clark expressed his gratitude and humility, acknowledging his unworthiness yet praising Jesus for his call to ministry. He encouraged everyone to remain faithful to their calling, sharing his belief that following Jesus is the most rewarding path. Clark also extended his thanks to the Indiana Conference for their support and mentorship. 

Sam Ngala 

Sam Ngala currently pastors the district for Bloomington, Ellettsville, Martinsville, and Spencer, Indiana. He graduated with a B.A. in business administration, holds an master's in business in finance, and a master of divinity. Among his pastoral achievements is launching the Hope Adventist Church plant in Indianapolis in 2010. This plant then became a church which helped to launch the Indiana Mizo church plant in 2012 and the Indianapolis Zomi church plant in 2016. Both church plants then became recognized as a church. 

Ngala said he was grateful for the love and support of his spiritual family. He recounted the inspiration from missionaries who brought the light of Christ to his homeland and challenged the audience to consider their own callings. Ngala passionately invited young people to step into ministry roles, emphasizing that the need for workers in God’s vineyard is as pressing today as it was in Isaiah’s time. 


Anthony Nix 

Anthony Nix currently pastors the Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church. He graduated from Southern Adventist University with a bachelor's  degree in religious studies. Among his pastoral achievements is hosting evangelistic series and being very involved in youth ministry by being a preaching class instructor at Indiana Academy and being involved in elementary school leadership, youth rally leadership, and sitting on the Indiana Conference K-12 education board. He is also involved in community leadership and outreach. 

Nix acknowledged the many individuals who had supported and believed in him throughout his journey. Nix likened the ordination to the early church’s practice of setting aside leaders through prayer and the laying on of hands. He reminded everyone that ministry is about service and lifting others, rather than seeking authority or power. 


A Day of Celebration 

The ordination service continued with an ordination prayer by Pastor Noel Ojeda, followed by an ordination charge delivered by Pastor Mark Eaton. The newly ordained pastors were welcomed into ministry by Indiana Conference President Vic Van Schaik and his wife, Angela.  



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