Re-elected officers at the Indiana Conference Constituency Session in Cicero. Photo Credit: Felicia Tonga

September 30, 2021

Indiana re-elects officers at constituency session

Indiana Conference’s session delegates convened on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, for the Constituency Session held at Indiana Academy gymnasium in Cicero.

With a strong show of support from the 343 delegates, the following officers and departmental directors were re-elected:

  • President: Vic Van Schaik
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Eaton
  • Ministerial Director: Harvey Kornegay
  • Superintendent of Education: Peter Cousins
  • Director of Planned Giving & Trust Services, Stewardship, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Association Secretary: Vialo Weis
  • Youth and Sabbath School Director: Charlie Thompson


The attendees were blessed with music by the Indiana Academy Keynotes and members of the Indianapolis Central Hispanic Church. Van Schaik shared a devotional message highlighting the session’s theme: “Forward in Faith; Persistent in Prayer.”

You may view the 25-minute corresponding video presentation below:


The in-person business meeting included changes to the constitution and bylaws of the Indiana Conference, Indiana Association, and Indiana Academy, and reports from the secretary-treasurer.

At the 2016 Constituency Session, it was voted to postpone the 2020 Indiana Constituency Session until 2021 because the General Conference Session was expected to take place that same year, and to conduct the subsequent session in 2024.


Colleen Kelly, Indiana Conference Communication Director