David and Samantha Mori prayed about where the Lord would have them move to work for Him. Credit: Courtesy David Mori

February 17, 2021

Intercessory Prayer: It’s a Three-way Street

Let us explore the true historical narrative of a wealthy man who the Christian world of his day deemed “heathen” and “off limits” just the kind of person Christ loves to save.

Yet this is a man who the Bible describes as “devout.” He was a man who loved to pray and was seeking truth. One day, as it was about the time of the evening offering, an angel came, calling him by name.

It was the love of Christ that was drawing this man to Him in the first place, and now the great Commander of Heaven sent His messenger to tell him that his prayers were heard. There was a man in nearby Joppa that would explain the truth about God to him. Specifically, his name was Simon (Peter) and he was staying with a tanner named Simon who lived by the Mediterranean Sea.

Well, by now you know that this man is the Roman centurion named Cornelius. But this prayer miracle has three sides, with God at the center. Not only was Cornelius a man of prayer, but Peter was also. As Cornelius’ servants were on their way to Joppa, Peter was on the flat housetop of his lodging, looking out at the surrounding city and earnestly praying for the salvation of souls! Next, the Holy Spirit came to Peter and spoke saying, Behold, three men are seeking you. Arise therefore and go with them, doubting nothing, for I have sent them (Acts 10:19).

 You know the rest of the story. Peter went, Cornelius and all of his household were converted, and a new era of ministry came upon the church. Let’s summarize this prayer miracle: Cornelius was pleading for someone to come to share the gospel with him, and Peter was praying for someone to whom to tell the gospel. With both of their prayers ascending to Almighty God, He answered them both and providentially made the connection. That situation would never have materialized in that way unless they had both prayed.

Now fast-forward around 2000 years. It’s 2018 and the church in Battle Creek, Michigan, is participating in the 10 Days of Prayer with the World Church. They are praying specifically for young families to move to Battle Creek. Nearly 2,300 miles to the west, in Santa Cruz, California, David and Samantha Mori are praying about where the Lord would have them move to work for Him.

 Soon after the Week of Prayer, David and Samantha show up at the Battle Creek Tabernacle, convinced that, through prayer, God had led them there. The church also rejoiced, believing that God signally answered their plea. Today David and Samantha are fully engaged in the ministry of the church, and the church is strengthened and encouraged by the God who orchestrated it all!

What is God waiting to do for you and your church? After all, His promise is that, if we ask, He will answer. Why not take Him at His word today?

Rob Benardo currently serves at the Battle Creek Tabernacle and is the Prayer coordinator for the Michigan Conference. He enjoys jogging, creative writing, sunsets and playing with his Labrador, Rose. He is a devoted husband to his wife, Olga, and beloved father to his two daughters, Amaris and Alexia.