October 25, 2019

Keeping Kosrae Prayed For and Cared For

We made the commitment to “our island” about a year ago and today, our Lake Union schools and members has raised over $10,000 to help with the...

We made the commitment to “our island” about a year ago and today, our Lake Union schools and members has raised over $10,000 to help with the construction of the Kosrae  Seventh-day Adventist School gym. The advancement of God’s work in Kosrae will be an on-going effort. In the meantime, here is what we have accomplished so far:

Last month, three of our Lake Union academies (for the first time ever) held 5k runs in Wisconsin Academy, Great Lakes Adventist Academy, and Indiana Academy. Faculty and students worked tirelessly organizing an event that will not only raise awareness but also funds which will go towards the construction of a new gym, in which the Kosrae students will be able to use for church and activities. Local community members united with the efforts of the academy by joining in the fun with their monetary donations. The goal for this project is $75,000. Hope for Humanity has pledged to match it with up to $75,000 which will give a total budget of $150,000 to complete the work.



This past summer, Kamran Mughal, principal of the Kosrae Seventh-day Adventist School, along with his wife, Saiman, visited the Lake Union Headquarters in Berrien Springs, Michigan. As an organized effort under the leadership of Linda Fuchs, education director of the Lake Union, a number of valuable materials for the classroom were collected. Kamran and Saiman left back to Kosrae with extra bags (FULL) of things like:


  • 9th grade teacher/student textbooks
  • Kindergarten teacher books
  • Kindergarten trade books
  • Kindergarten manipulatives to go with Kindergarten units including:  stuffed animals, pretend fruits and vegetables, Play-Doh, straws...
  • Kindergarten phonics kit materials gifts for each of the Kosrae 2019-2020 students (candy, bouncy balls, pencils)


They were not able to take all of the Kindergarten materials and so we continue to mail additional materials,” said Fuchs as she shared about the combined effort of many of the different organized bodies and individuals. “Some materials are donated by teachers, schools, church members; some are purchased.  Some boxes are mailed by the Union; some are mailed by willing teachers, church members….”


In a recent letter sent to Linda Fuchs, Kamran Mughal praised God and expressed his appreciation for the prayers, encouragement and support that have been made on their behalf.



By the grace of God, we've been growing. This year we have 64 students,” said Kamran.

As the Kosrae Seventh-day Adventist School continues to grow, families are becoming interested in sending their students to a school that offers a Christian education. 

Pending for enrollment are 5 students who are in need of sponsorship.

Grade levels are as follows: Kindergarten, second, third, fourth, and eighth. The cost of tuition per student is $60 a month which comes to a total of $600/per year. Anyone who would like to help is invited to contact Linda Fuchs by email or phone:  linda.fuchs@lakeunion.org  Cell:  269-362-0260

In closing, Kamran stated, “We are so blessed to be connected with the Lake Union. We really appreciate your gifts. The students were very happy.”