Kevyn Rodríguez is the new assistant Youth director

February 27, 2020

Lake Region announces new Youth appointments

Kevyn Rodríguez is assistant Youth director; Sandrew King, Youth Executive Coordinator

Kevyn Rodríguez, a 24-year-old native of Puerto Rico, was hired to serve as assistant Youth director for multi-ethnic ministry, effective February 16.

Although he’s young, Rodríguez already brings years of experience to the job. He began his ministry as a preacher at age eight; by the time he turned 11, he joined the executive board at his local church. At 18, he worked as a chaplain and substitute Bible teacher.

Rodríguez graduated Adventist University of the Antilles in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Biblical Theology. While studying, he was an associate pastor in a three-church district and an associate Youth pastor for the Antillean Adventist University Church. For the last three years, he served as a senior pastor and is now assigned to pastor the South Shore Hispanic Church in Chicago.

“I am excited about the opportunity to serve youth and young adults in a conference that strongly prioritizes ministering to youth,” said Rodríguez. “I believe in training youth to minister on the front lines of today’s society, because they will finish the work.”

Rodríguez will assist Abraham Henry, Lake Region’s Youth director, who is excited to welcome Rodríguez to the Youth Ministry leadership team. “I believe he will offer heightened innovation fused with a unique multicultural perspective. His age allows us to have a fresh and relevant perspective of needs of youth and young adults.”


Meanwhile, Sandrew King (pictured above), current Federation president and Christian Fellowship League Eastern Division commissioner in the Motor City, was appointed Youth executive coordinator. He will help empower, support and oversee the operation of federations, equip, train and provide resources to Lake Region’s youth leaders.

He is an experienced Youth Ministry leader who is passionate about serving, and mentoring youth leaders,” said Henry. “He has a wealth of knowledge of the unique dynamics that affect urban inner-city youth. I believe our team is strengthened with service in this new role.”