January 17, 2019

Lake Union president Affirms Women in Ministry

During the Lake Union Executive Committee meeting held Wednesday, Nov. 15, President Maurice Valentine reaffirmed the union’s commitment to women in...

During the Lake Union Executive Committee meeting held Wednesday, Nov. 15, President Maurice Valentine reaffirmed the union’s commitment to women in ministry. “God has called these women into ministry and we should give them respect,” he said. “They shouldn’t be hurt for what they feel in their hearts.” 


He further stated that women ministering in any role from pastor to chaplains to elders should not be mistreated. “We should never browbeat anyone. It’s un-Christlike. Each of us, as leaders, we should go out and articulate that we treat everyone as we want to be treated.” 


Valentine also counseled that in light of the recent General Conference vote to adopt the compliance document and the North American Division’s response, we should not be disheartened or discouraged. “Our church grows through conflict,” he said. “An apathetic church doesn’t grow and doesn’t care about souls.” 


As the church faces these challenges, Valentine said that wherever he goes and whichever side of the issue he hears, the common sentiment echoed is a resolve to get back to mission. “I’m grateful that in spite of conflict, we’re still a mission-driven church.” 


Other matters presented included: 

Working together, the local and union conferences  are accelerating plans for the General Conference Session, scheduled for the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, June 25 – July 4, 2020.  A proposal was submitted to the General Conference and North American Division to provide funding in the amount of $600,000 to support evangelistic efforts. Indiana and Lake Region Conferences are collaborating on a series of evangelism meetings leading up to the Session. Stay tuned for more details in the January Lake Union Herald. 


The Risk Management Committee has created a subcommittee on gender, sexuality and conflict resolution, which will include key people from the union and local conferences. The committee will provide advice and counsel for our institutions, and how these interface with federal and state law.  


Conference and Entity Report Highlights: 

Facing a dangerously sagging roof line in the Indiana Academy gymnasium, Indiana Conference received a repair estimate of $500,000. Thanks to a miraculous engineering feat, the work done by a group of tireless volunteers ended up costing $25,000. 


Lake Region Conference has experienced a 4.1% growth in tithe revenue to date. Next year, 2019, is the Year of Health and Community Engagement. 


AMITA Health 

Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Officer, Thor Thordarson, said the hospital system he oversees in the Chicago area is on track to meet his main goals of fixing mission drift and achieving sound fiscal health.  


A new app was introduced, AMITA Nurse, featuring a collection of stories celebrating the heartfelt moments caregivers experience daily. Users can also enjoy daily Bible verses and devotions, as well as send friends, family members or colleagues an e-card with inspirational quotes and illustrations drawn by their own nurses.