August 8, 2019

Lake Union Oshkosh Reminder!

Hello there fellow Chosen Lake Union colleagues!This is just a short note of appreciation and reminders for the event that is now upon us!It is such a...

Hello there fellow Chosen Lake Union colleagues!

This is just a short note of appreciation and reminders for the event that is now upon us!

It is such a pleasure to work with all of you and look forward to seeing and working with each of you these next 15 days or so.

Just a few reminders:

1.  Remember to bring your field marking paint.  Last camporee, I had enough to help a couple of conferences who forgot their field striping paint.  I do not have that luxury this time.  I have enough for Michigan - I hope!  (If you did not order it online, you can purchase at most of the Big Box Hardware stores)

2.  We have General Staff meeting at 6am each day. (I can't remember the name of the place where we meet, but it is the redish barn on the east side of the campus) This meeting is important to attend. At this meeting, we are provided with information, etc. for us to communicate to our individual conference clubs.  I do this at a conference 8am Worship/Announcement time.  This only lasts about 15-20 minutes

3.  Wednesday is the Lake Union Baptism day.  5:30pm check-in at the Main Stage.

4.  Thursday is WEAR YOUR LAKE UNION BLUE SHIRT DAY!  I'm excited about this.  Lake Union Strong!

5.  Thursday is also the time where the Lake Union is in charge of providing Pathfinders for the flag lowering.  Robert Jackson Jr is in charge of this.

6.  Friday we are scheduled for the On-Site Parade.  I was thinking it would be good for us to all march over to the parade gathering area together as a Union.  That way we are organized when we get there.  What are your thoughts.  We could start walking in order starting at 2:15 or so.  I will coordinate this.  We can touch base when we see each other at camp pitch!

7.  The shower monitoring schedule is very important.  I sent the schedule out a couple of weeks ago.  Thank you for having 10 people from your conference for each of your scheduled shifts,  to cover the shower monitoring. Let's plan on showing up 15 minutes early so we are ready to roll when the clock strikes the hour. (No one wants to do this, but we need to to our honest part!)

Cathy Oliver, our Admin Assistant, will coordinate this schedule.  She has laminated schedules and duties for each conference shower monitoring leader.

8.  Let's continue to pray for all of our Lake Union Pathfinders to not only have a great time, but that their spiritual life will grow and heart felt life-changing decisions to follow Christ will be made!

9.  Let's continue to pray for Pastor Ron and Vern and the team.

10.  The Lake Union 26ft Light house will be located in the center of the Lake Union.  It will be off from Lindbergh.  Lord willing!

11.  Each of your registered Pathfinders, based on tickets sold, will receive a Lake Union Spinner pin.  I will deliver these to you on Sunday.

I will be on the grounds on Thursday morning.  Feel free to call me if you have questions or concerns. 

We are Chosen!

Craig Harris