File photo of 2018 Union testing at Pioneer Memorial Church   | photo credit: Jonathan Logan

March 12, 2020

Lake Union PBE still on, with major changes

Online testing via video streaming

Lake Union Pathfinder Ministries coordinator Craig Harris announced today (March 12) that the Lake Union PBE scheduled for March 21 will take place.

"Obviously, a lot of changes have taken place in the last 48 hours regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus," he said. "These changes have altered but not squashed the Lake Union Pathfinder Bible Experience."

Details on Lake Union PBE

The Bad News

The face-to-face PBE that was to be held on the campus of Andrews University is cancelled.  This unanimous decision was made by each of the Youth directors and PBE Coordinators for each conference. Several agencies were consulted including Lake Union officers and governmental agencies.  The protection of Pathfinder and local church families remains the highest priority. 

The Good News

The Union PBE testing on March 21 will be conducted at 3 p.m. via an online video streaming service.   Each conference youth director is contacting teams with the details concerning the conference testing site and other important items.

Important News

Only team members, including the alternate, one coach, and one scorekeeper will be allowed in attendance for the testing. Conference directors will give further details on what the parents and fans can do while the testing is taking place.

How Will It Work?

The video streaming service will start around 2:45 to make sure there is good video and sound connections. Testing will begin around 3 p.m.

The questions will be read from Lansing, Mich., and broadcast to the various testing sites around the union.  Questions will be asked in a similar manner to how it's done face-to-face. There will be a panel of judges, and a scorekeeper at each site. Where the timer will be is to be determined. 

Each conference will have a backup plan to read the questions live, in case the video streaming is not consistent.  The Conference PBE director will make the decision to go to the backup plan if needed.

In reacting to the new realities of life, Harris said: "We have been studying the Bible for years and know that our world will continue to become more fearful, searching for hope, and in need of a Savior the closer we get to His second coming.  This is just part of the process.  Let us rejoice in these trials and be faithful in our ministry for Him!"

Teams advancing to the Union level are:


Brazilian Club Gideon’s Army

Downers Grove Detectives

Fox Valley Maranatha

Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers “Minor Prophets”

Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers “Return of the Jews”



Cicero  Cherokees

Indianapolis Central Hispanic - Indy Falcons "A"

Fort Wayne Hispanic SDA - Fort Wayne Maranatha


Lake Region

Shiloh Trailblazers



Ann Arbor Anchors - Team Ezra          

Ann Arbor Anchors - Team Nehemiah

Lansing Capitals - Team Daniel

Lansing Capitals - Team Exodus

Lansing Capitals - Team Ruth



Madison Mustangs

Watertown Sentinels

Milwaukee Panthers

Green Bay Pioneers Teams A & B