Lake Union President Maurice Valentine has accepted a new position as vice president for media liason at the North American Division. | File photo

May 7, 2021

Thank you. . . and farewell

Lake Union President Maurice Valentine was elected as the North American Division vice president for media liaison, effective June 1.

In this role he’ll oversee the division’s media entities, Breath of Life, Faith for Today, It Is Written, Jesus 101, La Voz de la Esperanza, Life Talk Radio and Voice of Prophecy.

Valentine penned the following farewell note:

What a blessing it has been to have served in the Lake Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you ever read my [Lake Union Herald] editorials, you know I have felt very honored to even be considered to serve in the region where our movement was officially birthed.

It was from here that the Three Angels Messages took flight to encircle the globe.

It was from here that the great controversy theme became well defined.

It was from here that Adventist health care and collegiate level Christian Education was taken from the quiver of Christ and launched around the globe.

To have led here is an honor no one deserves. You simply say to yourself: Thank you Lord for allowing a sinner such as I, saved by the blood of Jesus to have the opportunity to attempt to be a selfless servant whose job it is to simply lift the name of Jesus higher.

When I arrived, I was very impressed with the focus on mission. Here, reaching people through lay-led media ministries such as 3ABN and twelve Strong Tower Radio stations that dot the land, not to mention a myriad of other ministries, show that the fervor of our pioneers to reach the world for Christ has not been quenched nor grown dim through time. Just to witness it has been a blessing.

To see the high-level of commitment on the part of our youth and young adults as demonstrated at the Youth Evangelism Congress and the International Camporee has stirred my faith in the future of our church.

Here, the degree of dedication that is exhibited by pastors, teachers, administrators, and staff is exemplary to the world church.

Thank God, through committed men and women who started a fledgling faith community and those who still give their time, talent, and means today, present truth still advances, and God is glorified.

I trust when I arrive at the North American Division, I will find that throughout the length and breadth of the US, Canada, Bermuda, and Guam/Micronesia there are many, many more selfless servants who are making an equally as great sacrifice to advance God’s work.

And yet when I look at the cross, no sacrifice is too big to make. None.

In closing, I thank the Lord that He has given me a wife, Sharon, who has been willing for 35 years to leave the comfort of many homes because she embraces every call as hers also. When we pray, she often says, “Lord, you called us here.” What a blessing to have a godly wife who senses that each place we lay our heads down at night is the place that God, at that point in time, would have us to serve.

What a blessing it is for all of us, as the family of God to be entrusted with finishing the work.