Two members were baptized in the ocean in Honolulu, pictured with Xerxes Maun (left) and Pastor Jose Gonzales (right).

December 28, 2021

Marshallese group scattered worldwide joins Indiana congregation

The church is not an actual building.

This was made clear at the start of Covid when church doors were shut, and a group of Evansville First Church members began online church through Zoom to other Marshallese throughout the world.

Elder Xerxes Maun, his wife Japine, and the late Elson Lang were committed to doing the work of God, whether inside or outside an actual structure. Throughout the year they led over 70 worshipers weekly and together they have become an official group. They also have Sabbath School, women’s ministries, vespers, prayer meeting, and do mission outreach back in the Marshall Islands.

During the end of summer, Pastor Jose Gonzales (now retired) and Xerxes and Japine Maun traveled to Washington State, Maui, and Honolulu, Hawaii. During this time several weddings and baby dedications were performed, and 21 persons were baptized, who are now members of the Marshallese group of the Evansville First church.