October 19, 2018

At quinquennial session, Michigan re-elects Micheff as president, Ringstaff as secretary

Michgan—At Michigan Conference’s 33rd quinquennial session, held on Sunday, September 30, James Micheff and Justin Ringstaff were re-elected president...

Michgan—At Michigan Conference’s 33rd quinquennial session, held on Sunday, September 30, James Micheff and Justin Ringstaff were re-elected president and executive secretary, respectively. Michael Bernard was elected to serve as treasurer following the retirement of Leroy Bruch who has served as Michigan Conference Treasurer.

During the marathon 11-hour meeting, voting was punctuated by presentations from the Constitution and Bylaws committee as well as uplifting reports from the various ministries and departments. All department directors were re-elected.

Serving as president since January, Micheff was elected by a near unanimous vote. Joined on the platform by Gail, his wife and prayer partner, Micheff told the delegates that it was a privilege to serve the Lord. “We don’t deserve to be where we are, but God is gracious,” he said. “And if we stay with Him, He has promised success.”

Micheff further cautioned that while he doesn’t know what will happen over the next five years of his term, he is certain of one thing: Jesus’ return is eminent, and what lies ahead will be something not seen before. Promising greater fiscal responsibility, he said that conference funds will go toward the sake of souls. “What we’re going to have to do is to rely more and more on our churches to fund the local evangelism in their area and take the money that we have and move to areas where there is no presence or churches that cannot support itself. If we have that spirit of sacrifice where we’re putting our arms around every church, every place, God will bless us abundantly and we will have more resources at the local level than we could dream of because God will give it to us.”

Ringstaff, who had assumed the role of executive secretary following Mitchell’s appointment as president earlier this year, was also elected by an overwhelming majority. With his wife Chelli by his side, Ringstaff humbly expressed his gratitude for their confidence in him. “I count it an immense privilege and honor to serve you and the constituents of this conference,” he said. By God’s grace we will all labor to see the soon return of Jesus. I can’t imagine, though I try, what it’s going to be like to see the Lord come in the clouds of heaven. We’ll be able to look around and see the souls we have labored so earnestly for and see tears of eternal joy on their faces. Let’s labor for the hastening of that return. By God’s grace, I’ll uphold the arm of our president and constituents of this conference and labor for Jesus to come.”

After three months as the conference’s associate treasurer, Bernard was elected treasurer. Before joining the Michigan Conference treasury team, he served as chief financial officer at Weimar College, and prior to that, worked in the restaurant industry as corporate director of accounting for Arby’s and Mrs. Winners.

As the new officer team of Micheff, Ringstaff and Bernard gathered on the platform along with their wives, Bernard stated that he was looking forward to continue working with the great treasury team already in place and was eager to allow God to fill him with His spirit. “I want to be a sheep that hears His voice,” he said.