Following a brainstorming breakout session, Lake Union President Ken Denslow presented suggestions on how to best handle member information in the data management system, eAdventist. CREDIT: Pieter Damsteegt/North American Division

November 3, 2022

NAD Year-end Discussions Seek to Move Mission Forward

Discussions and observations presented by Lake Union leaders

The North American Division Year-end Meetings concluded on Tuesday, Nov. 1 with a recap of suggestions on how to move mission forward in three areas of focus: Multiply, Mentorship and Media.

You can find comprehensive reports on the Division's website, as well as watch recordings of the six-day meeting on YouTube and Facebook



The first breakout session on Friday, Oct. 28 sought to examine the alarming shortage of teachers which has impacted Seventh-day Adventist schools. Executive Committee members gathered in their respective unions to brainstorm ways in which to address the issue. Lake Union General Vice President Carmelo Mercado and Education Director Ruth Horton presented the union’s ideas in this report.  



Questions to ponder included: What’s the ideal church? What are some guidelines concerning the new frontier of online churches, as it relates to membership, tithing, etc. 

Lake Union Executive Secretary Elden Ramirez outlined opportunities discussed for handling online congregations.



The North American Division asked the executive committee to explore access to membership information in the church management system, eAdventist. Lake Union President Ken Denslow shared the results of the union’s brainstorming session. 

By the way, one exciting update to e-Adventist! It was announced that as of last summer, individuals can access their personal information through the “My eAdventist” app. Churches can choose to enable the data and send out invitations so members can update their profiles. 



On Tuesday, Nov. 1, Ken Denslow presented the morning's devotional. 


A historical presentation was made by Liberty magazine editor Bettina Krause, on the” Doctrine of Discovery” and how it affected indigenous populations.

Berrien Springs Village Church Pastor Ron Kelly said his congregation’s involvement with an Indian Reservation in Montana, a partnership with the Montana Conference, could serve as a model for outreach to other Native American reservations across North America.



Debbie Michel, Lake Union Communication director and Herald editor.