Explore Andrews Summer Camps launched in June 2022. Photo by Alina Weber 

August 29, 2022

New community programs at Andrews

Andrews University is excited to highlight two new programs directed toward community engagement: community art classes and Explore Andrews summer camps. Both aim to bring individuals to campus for hands-on learning and creativity.

In September 2021, a vision to revive the ceramics studio on the Andrews campus came to life. Kari Friestad, associate professor of Painting and Drawing, and Amy Rosenthal, dean, College of Arts & Sciences and associate provost for Undergraduate Education, wanted to see empty studios filled with students again. Several dedicated alumni and student lab assistants cleaned workspaces, tested equipment and ordered supplies. 

The AU Community Art program offers visual art studio classes to both the campus and local community. Friestad explains, “I see the opportunity as a door to many types of outreach. These classes are significant and important because the process of making art is a healing and relaxing activity that can be used to help manage stress.” 

The first undergraduate ceramics classes since 2017 were launched in January, and one community art class was soft-launched in March. Beginning in June, the first summer session ran successfully, and more courses are in development for the fall. Classes typically run for 3 to 6 weeks and meet 1 or 2 times a week. Currently, the courses include Intro to Watercolor and Intro to Wheel Throwing with more to come. Updates and information can be found at the community art website, and inquiries can be directed to communityart@andrews.edu.   

With a similar goal of fostering community creativity and growth, the Explore Andrews Summer Camps launched in June 2022. Almost three years in the making, the program was formulated by Aaron Moushon, assistant dean for Undergraduate Education and Explore Andrews program director, and his team.  

The Ceramics I class took place in spring 2022. Photo by Randy Ramos 
The Ceramics I class took place in spring 2022. Photo by Randy Ramos 

Moushon’s program targets middle school students, who typically have not been served by the University before. He explains, “Through this program, students will be able to better understand the learning opportunities that a college education provides, without the pressure of earning credit.”  

Each of the camps is led by an Andrews academic department and instructed by a faculty member, allowing students to learn from professionals in their area of interest. This past summer, a variety of topics were offered, including Lego Robotics, Pre-Veterinary, and Art and Design. Moushon notes, “Students can expect a unique, hands-on experience that will introduce them to topics that they might not normally encounter in middle school or even high school settings. Imagine being in the seventh grade and learning engineering from a university faculty member through Lego Robotics.” 

The opportunity is open to students between the ages of 13–16 who are enrolled in 7th through 9th grades. The programs take place as day camps over the course of one week, Monday through Friday. More information can be found at the Explore Andrews website or through contacting explore@andrews.edu.  

Both Friestad and Moushon look forward to connecting with people in new ways. Moushon expresses, “We have a vision of drawing community members onto campus, some of whom might not even know we’re here.”  


Isabella Koh, University Communication student writer