Lake Union has adopted the Kosrae school

May 30, 2019

Government affirms excellent reputation of Kosrae school

Prayers and support needed for continued expansion

Located in the Western Pacific, the Kosrae Seventh-day Adventist school currently provides Pre-K‒8 grades. But if Principal Kamran Mughal gets his way, that's about to change, as he's  trying his hardest to add a 9th grade next year.


Aware of the high test scores of the students, the local government recently revealed the news that they're willing to pay for 15 students to attend the school, tuition free! These 15 students will be selected by the highest test scores of 8th-graders on the entire island. The principal is going to each school on the island to give the 8th-graders the test, to see who will be selected to attend next year. Prayers are requested, as the school strives to grow by adding a 10th grade during the 2020‒2021 school year.


On January 6, the Lake Union Conference fact-finding team, which included president Maurice Valentine and Education director Linda Fuchs, flew to Kosrae, to assess the needs of the undeveloped island. They witnessed first-hand the impact the small mission school is making in the lives of 50 children, 36 of whom are from non-Adventist homes. Hope for Humanity, a ministry of Adventist Community Services, plans to partner with the Lake Union to raise funds for building a gymnasium for the school and church.


How can the LUC members help advance God’s work in Kosrae?

Consider sponsoring youth. We are encouraging children, teenagers and adults to participate in raising funds for Kosrae. The money raised will go towards building a gym that will not only benefit the school and church but will provide opportunities to witness to other young people on the island.


Pray for the church and school on Kosrae. It will be such an encouragement to them to know that many people in the Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region, Michigan and Wisconsin conferences are daily praying for them!


In addition, the Guam-Micronesia Mission is still searching for two student-missionary teachers to teach Grades 7‒9 at the Kosrae School. You can view the positions at


For further information, please contact Linda Fuchs via email at