“The focus on families is important. Because of the COVID pandemic, pastors need rest, recreation and intentional development, particularly in the emphasize on family.”

December 28, 2021

Pastors and families to meet for training, recharging

Lake Union pastors are looking forward to the CALLED Pastors’ Family Convention to be held in Lexington, Ken., June 19‒22.

“I attended the CALLED convention in Austin, Texas. It was a wonderful experience, so I’m looking forward this time again to an amazing and practical training from some of the most innovative leaders around the country,” says William Lee, pastor of the Shiloh Church in Chicago.

CALLED Pastors’ Family Convention offers some of the best continuing education opportunities with six arena sessions and 120 seminars. Specific tracks will be offered for Spanish-speaking pastors, volunteer lay pastors, chaplains, ministry tech lab, and spouses. 

Pastor Lee is not alone in his positive memories of the 2015 convention in Austin where 97 percent of people felt the convention was effective in terms of its overall impact on them.

Pastor Sam Ngala, who also attended that convention, anticipates that one of the highlights in the 2022 convention will be connecting with classmates from college, seminary, or previous conferences.

“I would like to hear, see and experience how the Holy Spirit is leading in the lives of fellow pastors and their families, and then pray with them.”

The word ‘Family’ has intentionally been added to the convention title. Adam Case, Ministerial director of Wisconsin Conference, affirms this decision.

“The focus on families is important. Because of the COVID pandemic, pastors need rest, recreation and intentional development, particularly in the emphasize on family.”

Wisconsin values the CALLED Pastors’ Family Convention so highly that it shifted their camp meeting schedule to allow its pastors to attend.

Lee is “looking forward to some children’s programming as well. I know it was outstanding last time, and it’s going to be awesome once again.”

“Go Fish” is the theme for kids ages 3 to 12, who will be exploring their spiritual gifts. Sherri Uhrig, director of North American Division’s (NAD) Children’s Ministry, has a message for pastoral parents: “Mom and Dad! God has given your children special gifts! He has made them to be ‘unique,’ ‘one of a kind.’ There is no one quite like them! They are His masterpiece!”

Preacher’s Kids (PKs), in grades 712, are invited to the Pastors Kid’s Congress. Vandeon Griffin, associate director of NAD Youth, anticipates that “This division-wide congress will create momentum that is sure to ignite engage, and move PKs [forward] in their faith journey.”

The PKs’ congress includes energetic worship, dynamic speakers, biblical drama presentations, community outreach and excursions.

Evangelism is always featured at CALLED Pastors’ Family Conventions. Churches are invited to submit their revolutionary evangelism plans to Shark Tank.

“Last time our church won $5,000 at Shark Tank,” reports Lee, “so I’m looking forward to gleaning some more amazing ideas from some of the most innovative thinkers across NAD.”

Congregations may reap the greatest benefit from the CALLED Pastors’ Family convention as their pastors return refreshed and equipped. More than anything else, Lee is looking for this time of reflection to “really just to be encouraged, motivated and inspired.”


Dave Gemmell, associate director, NAD Ministerial