February 7, 2019

Pathfinder Bible Experience Teams Advance to the Conference Level

The Super Bowl may be over, but Pathfinder Bible Experience, affectionately known as Bible Bowl, is in full swing around our union.  Last Sabbath, nearly...

The Super Bowl may be over, but Pathfinder Bible Experience, affectionately known as Bible Bowl, is in full swing around our union. 

Last Sabbath, nearly 100 Pathfinder teams competed at the Pathfinder Bible Experience Area level and some will advance to the next round. The teams have been studying the book of Luke since last September, along with the SDA Bible Commentary introduction. 

 “The Pathfinders work very hard for this moment,” said Craig Harris, PBE coordinator for the Lake Union. It surprises us how much they have retained from their study because the questions are very detailed. Most memorize large sections of the chosen book.”  

 There are four levels of advancement Area, Conference, Union and Division. Grading is done on a curve, depending on the highest scoring team, and clubs advance based on how they score 

 Below is a list of participating clubs; each conference has specific rules as to which team advances to the next level. 


Illinois Conference 

1st Place 
Ángeles Guardiánes de Palatine Team 1 
Eben-Ezer Maranatha 

Elgin Explorers  

Fairmont City Cahokians Team 1 
Fox Valley Maranatha 
Glen Ellyn Fil-Am Masters  

Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers Chosen 
Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers Eye of the Needle 
Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers The Good Samaritans 
Joliet Hispanic Team C 
North Aurora Ambassadors 

2nd Place 
Ángeles Guardianes de Palatine Team 2 
Las Águilas del Sur 

Orion Ágape 
3rd Place 
Fairmont City Cahokians Team 2 

Joliet Hispanic Team A 
Joliet Hispanic Team B 
Joliet Timberwolves  

Los Osos de Melrose Park Team A 
Los Osos de Melrose Park Team B 
Pilsen Navigators 


Indiana Conference 

1st Place  

Fort Wayne Falcons 

Elkhart Eagles 

Cicero Cherokees 


Other Placement: 

Clarksville Hispanic Company 

Elkhart Hispanic Church 

Indianapolis Central Hispanic Church 

Indianapolis North Hispanic Church 

Indianapolis Second Hispanic Church 

Lafayette Church 

Northwest Church 

Southside Church 


Lake Region Conference 

1st Place 
Dowagiac Hispanic Church 
Niles Philadelphia Church 

Pontiac Southside Church  
Shiloh Church (Chicago)  

Tabernacle of Hope Church 


2nd Place 

Chicago Hyde Park  



Michigan Conference 

1st Place  

Ann Arbor Team Luke 

Ann Arbor Team Theophilus 

Cadillac Mighty Oaks Team X 

Cadillac Mighty Oaks Team Y 

Cedar Chips 

Eau Claire Critters 

Gobles Sylvaneers 

Holland Explaradores Team 

Holland Huskies 

Lansing Capitals Team Ephesus 

Lansing Capitals Team Philadelphia 

Lansing Capitals Team Thyatira 

Maranatha Lakers 

Mid-Michigan Messengers Team Emissary 

South Flint Timberwolves 

Stevensville Challenger Team A 

Stevensville Challengers Team B 

Wyoming Wranglers 


2nd Place  

Belgreen Beavers 

Berrien Springs Wolverines 

Holland Explorades Team 2 

Kalamazoo Kampers 

PMC Evergreen  


3rd Place  

Berrien Springs Golden Eagles Team B 

Berrien Springs Living Word Team A 

Berrien Springs Living Word Team B 

First Flint Arrows  

Grand Rapids Rangers  

Mid-Michigan Messengers Team Heralds  

Rogers Heights Pumas 

Shabbot Oneg 

Shelby Sonseekers Boys 

Shelby Sonseekers Girls  

Traverse City Cherrylanders  

Vassar Cork Pines 


Wisconsin Conference 

1st Place  

Milwaukee Panthers Team A 


2nd Place 

Mensajeros de Paz Team B 


3rd Place  

Milwaukee Panthers Team B 
Maranatha White Lions Team A 
Maranatha White Lions Team B 
Guerrero de Fe Team A 
Guerrero de Fe Team B 
Central Leonés 
Mensajeros de Paz Team A 
Waukesha Spanish Warriors Team A 
Waukesha Spanish Warriors Team B 



1st Place  

Chippewa Valley Lightning 

Wisconsin Valley Falcons 


1st Place  

Green Bay Pioneers A 

2nd Place 

Green Bay Pioneers B 

Lena Wildcats 
3rd Place  

Sheboygan Shepherds 


1st Place  

Madison Mustangs  

Monroe Trail Blazers 
Waukesha Warriors 

Upcoming Pathfinder Bible Experience Dates: 

Conference Level March 2 

Union Level March 16, Andrews University 

Division Level April 27, Rockford, Ill.