Photos courtesy Pathway to Health

March 4, 2020

Pathway to Health mega clinic planned ahead of General Conference Session

3,000 volunteers needed to deliver free healthcare to thousands of local residents

An estimated 3,000 volunteers are needed to provide free healthcare services to the residents of Greater Indianapolis on April 8‒10. 


Your Best Pathway to Health, a Seventh-day Adventist nonprofit organization, has chosen to host its eighth mega clinic in Indianapolis with the goal of offering comprehensive medical, dental and other services to thousands of local residents.  


“We are excited to bring Pathway to Health to Indianapolis,” says Lela Gilbert Ng, physician and Pathway to Health CEO. “As with the other cities where we have hosted mega clinics, we are anticipating that many in Indianapolis will receive desperately needed services that, in some cases, are life-saving.” 


The three-day clinic is made possible through strong partnerships, chief among them with the Indiana, Lake Region and Lake Union conferences. 


“We are thrilled about partnering with Your Pathway to Health to provide free medical and dental services to the city of Indianapolis,” says Vic Van Schaik, president of the Indiana Conference. “There are great needs, and the mega clinic is an opportunity for us to demonstrate that we care for our community. Members are able to extend the healing ministry of Jesus in a very practical and personal way.” 


“Pathway to Health exists to be a tangible demonstration of the unconditional love and service lived out and demonstrated by Jesus,” agrees Costin Jordache, the Pathway to Health director of Communication. “As such, the only requirement for getting help at a Pathway to Health mega clinic is being a human with a need.” Pathway to Health requires no insurance or identification for treatment. 


As was planned in San Antonio, Texas, in 2015, the Pathway to Health mega clinic precedes the General Conference (GC) Session in Indianapolis by three months. The free services provided for the residents of Indianapolis are one way in which the Seventh-day Adventist Church can express gratitude to the city and its leaders ahead of time for hosting upwards of 70,000 Adventists from around the world during the Session. 


“The City of Indianapolis has worked really well with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and with Pathway to Health,” says George Gilbert, COO of Pathway to Health. “Pathway volunteers are helping the Church say, ‘Thank you’, with every free service given to the city’s residents.” 


Volunteers are encouraged to register as soon as possible for the Indianapolis event at Those who cannot attend are invited to support the mega clinic in other ways. 


“We encourage members to pray for the mega clinic as all the details come together,” says Benny Moore, Pathway to Health CFO. “We also invite as many as possible to donate financially to make the mega clinic as successful as possible.” Moore encourages members to give through their local church or to donate online at to sponsor a patient for $100 per patient. 


“We believe God is blessing this effort and we are grateful for all the doors that have opened to make this event happen,” concludes Van Schaik.