Ariel Solis (back), chair of the School of Architecture & Interior Design, working with a student. Photo credit: Courtesy School of Architecture & Interior Design

June 8, 2021

Pathways to Adventist education

Andrews University recently introduced two new academic degree programs that provide pathways for access to Adventist education.

The School of Architecture & Interior Design and the School of Business Administration now offer two-year degrees, at highly discounted rates, that prepare students for a variety of careers and for further education. 

The School of Architecture & Interior Design (SAID) will be offering an associate degree in architecture beginning in fall 2021. Inspired by the original Seventh-day Adventist education model promoted by Ellen G. White and others, the program emphasizes mission-minded, practical and character-building training to prepare young people for godly service. Students will gain skills in drawing, computer-aided drafting, building information modeling, digital rendering, basic construction documents, physical modeling and introductory design in order to be effective in entry-level positions. 

Ariel Solis, chair of the School of Architecture & Interior Design, says, “Our practicing faculty work to provide a creative, collaborative learning environment and are dedicated to helping students grow in their discipline and their walk with Christ.”

As the only Seventh-day Adventist school of architecture in North America, Andrews University also is committed to providing an accessible option for architectural education at a competitive cost. With a tuition reduction of up to 70 percent, the program seeks to enable a life of ministry by reducing the burden of student debt. Upon completion of the degree, students can choose to enter the workforce, pursue a related field of study, or continue in the professionally accredited Master of Architecture program (MArch) at Andrews University.

Kimberly Pichot, associate professor of Marketing. Photo credit: Courtesy Kimberly Pichot
Kimberly Pichot, associate professor of Marketing. Photo credit: Courtesy Kimberly Pichot

The School of Business Administration has sought ways to innovate programs as well. The redesigned associate degree (A.S.) in business is a two-year program that will hone a student’s knowledge and skills in accounting, management, information systems and marketing, preparing the student to thrive in any business environment. The student will learn Christian ethics and principles and develop the three key characteristics employers are looking for: management and accounting knowledge, business application skills, and marketing exposure. In addition, students develop integrity, collaboration, leadership and communication skills. 

“We redesigned our A.S. in business to create a pathway for those students who would love to have an Adventist education experience but haven’t found a way to afford enrolling on our campus yet,” says Kimberly Pichot, associate professor of Marketing in the School of Business Administration.

Andrews University is offering the A.S. in Business at a fraction of regular tuition, with each semester priced at $4,950. After completing the degree, graduates will be able to seek entry-level positions in business or in nonprofits, ready to join the workforce. If they decide to continue on to a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration or other bachelor’s program, they can seamlessly transition into two more years of college.

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Compiled by Gillian Panigot, Communication manager & FOCUS editor