Eric Herve Jean-Baptiste takes a selfie with one of the Ann Arbor PBE teams. [Eric Herve Jean-Baptiste]

April 27, 2023

PBE Teams Made the Lake Union Proud

Sixteen Lake Union Pathfinders tested their knowledge of the book of John at the North American Division Pathfinder Bible Experience finals held in Tampa, Florida on April 22.

Seventy-five percent of the teams from Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region and Michigan received first place, and the remainder were a close second.  

Lake Union Club Ministries Coordinator Craig Harris remarked that he’s always proud of the way the Lake Union pathfinders represent the union. “From our union camporees, the international camporees and Pathfinder Bible Experience events, I’ve noticed that our Lake Union Pathfinders truly demonstrate the last part of the pathfinder pledge: I will be a Servant of God and a friend to man.”   

Herald correspondent Eric Herve Jean-Baptiste was in Tampa and captured the excitement of our Pathfinders. Those social media stories were streamed on Friday night and throughout Saturday. He said, “I can’t fully describe how great it is to see young pathfinders lives changed forever because they choose to study and memorize God’s Word.” 

Below are the conference clubs and their rankings: 


  • Fairmont City Cahokians – 2nd 
  • Fox Valley Maranatha (Team B) – 2nd 
  • Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers (Faith Fighters) – 2nd 


  • Angola Hawks – 1st 
  • Indianapolis Central Hispanic Falcons – 2nd 
  • Cicero Cherokees The Scribes - 1st 

Lake Region 

  • Shiloh Trailblazers – 1st 


  • Ann Arbor Anchors (Bread of Life) – 1st 
  • Ann Arbor Anchors (Living Water) – 1st 
  • East Lansing University and Lansing Spanish E.L.L.S. – 1st 
  • Eau Claire Critters – 1st 
  • Lansing Capitals (The Nazarines) – 1st 
  • Lansing Capitals (The Good Samaritans) – 1st 
  • Stevensville Challengers (Baaa) – 1st 
  • Stevensville Challengers (Sheep Gate) – 1st 
  • Stevensville Challengers (Sheepfold) – 1st 



If you missed the NAD broadcast, you can watch it here , as well as check out photos here

Lake Union Herald staff