Beds for Kids is a ministry of The Shepherd’s House Church in Wausau, Wisconsin. Since its inception, they have delivered 247 beds.

August 3, 2020

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Jamie Fisher prayed for God’s leading in her life and He led her to evangelism. She wanted to share the love of Jesus by acts of service to the community, but was unsure of what the community needs were. After doing some research, Jamie and her pastor, Tom Michalski, found the resounding answer was that children in the community needed essentials.

In March 2018, Jamie created the nonprofit organization, Beds for Kids, a ministry of The Shepherd’s House Church in Wausau, Wisconsin. As director of the organization, she combines her passions for children, community and service. Since its inception, Beds for Kids has delivered 231 beds. The children who receive beds reside in Marathon County, Wisconsin, and most referrals come from teachers, guidance counselors and Child Protective Services. The children receive a bed frame, box spring, mattress, mattress pad, pillow, sheets and a comforter.   

Jaimie strongly believes that by providing bedding for children who are sleeping on the floor, on blow-up mattresses, on couches or with parents, Beds for Kids is helping to say, “You are worthy; you are loved; and you deserve dignity.” That’s what Jesus tells all of us.  

The goal of Beds for Kids is to bring people to Jesus by preaching through actions. “We want our community to know that we have a message of hope.” says Jamie. “We want to build trusting relationships with families to whom we have already delivered beds.” The Shepherd’s House Women’s Ministry works on additional evangelism to the families, such as school supplies, food and other identified needs. 

Their work with the Beds for Kids ministry has not gone unnoticed. They were recognized by a local TV news station with the Jefferson Award ( 

“This award means the world to me because I followed the Lord’s leading and overcame my fear of public speaking and got in front of my church and asked for help in a ministry I believed in.” The second award was the Be Amazing Award which honored outstanding nonprofits and included a check for $2,500.  

Jamie says that each person in the church plays a role in the program — from the children who collect a Lamb’s Offering to the volunteers who help deliver beds and keep the storage closet stocked and organized. The nonprofit has not only helped to evangelize outside of the church but within its own congregation as well. Church members who had never spoken to each other within the church walls were now working together for Beds for Kids and began to feel more confident about socializing with each other. “I have learned about another form of evangelism — friendship,” says Jamie. “The people within our church now feel like they belong.”  

For those who would like to get involved in this ministry, there are a few ways you can do so. Individuals living near the Wausau area can volunteer. For those not local, monetary or bedding donations are always appreciated. Or you may like to start a similar ministry in your area, Jamie says she is always willing to talk and help get things started.  

Beds for Kids delivered 16 more beds in May, making 247 in just over two years. “We had no idea what God had in store for us,” says Jamie. “We just trusted His undeniable leadership in our program.”  

Wisconsin native Leah Westfall currently resides in Michigan and teaches Communication at the university level.