February 5, 2019

Stewardship Resources Available

The North American Division (www.nadstewardship.org) and AdventSource (www.adventsource.org) have available a number of wonderful stewardship resources for use at the local church level.  As you make plans and budget for the new year, you are invited to see if any might help accomplish the goals you have established for your church. Just to peak your interest, three are highlighted below.


My Personal Giving Plan


This resource is designed “to renew our commitment to the principles of Christian stewardship.” It covers five facets of giving, describes each, and shows how they are used to sustain and advance church work. It ties directly with the giving classifications on the tithe envelope and is made appealing with beautiful pictures and easy-to-read print. A useful resource for every member.















He Came To My House


Written by Tracy B. John, this booklet covers practical presentations for Christian money management. It includes narratives and follows with questions for you to answer and reflect on. This would be a helpful resource for those wishing to improve in the area of managing and improving personal finances.

















“The In$ufficient project consists of 15 unique presentations on the topic of stewardship.”  The website, TheInsufficientProject.com, provides access to study sheets, text, and slide presentations for each sermon. This would be the perfect resource if your church shares a pastor and you need to fill the pulpit or would just like a new or different perspective on stewardship.


May God bless as you endeavor to raise awareness on how we can better perform our “stewardship responsibility” that God has assigned to us — or should I say, our “stewardship partnership” with which we are so abundantly blessed.