May 1, 2024

Summer Camp 2024

Take a look through the summer camp programs coming up this season!

Andrews University

This summer, Andrews University presents two summer programs that provide opportunities for participants to grow academically, spiritually and socially.

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Illinois | Camp Akita

Each time I make that left turn onto our camp property and pass the welcome sign that bears our name, I am immediately reminded that I am entering holy ground. It’s not because of the activities we offer, or the beautiful buildings that litter the campus, but wholly because of the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of everyone who finds themselves here. Akita has been and will continue to be a beloved space for our campers, but it has also been a transformative haven for the passionate and dedicated staff that serve our kids. Each summer, young adults from diverse backgrounds converge at Camp Akita, drawn by a shared commitment to create a space where lifelong bonds can be formed and encounters with Jesus can be experienced--and the impact has been profound.

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Indiana | Timber Ridge Camp

We met in fourth grade. Back then, navigating through public school proved to be a challenge for both of us. Genuine friendships seemed difficult to come by. Despite that, when we met, we both hit it off right away and became fast friends. Spending hours at each other’s houses, we started doing everything together. Eventually, Darling extended an invitation for me to join her and her family at church. To be honest, I was nervous at first. Up until then I had only ever experienced Catholic services so the idea of stepping into an Adventist church felt like a leap. Nevertheless, our church attendance ended up being more of a way for us to have fun than truly grow spiritually. Although Darling had grown up Adventist, I knew little about the core beliefs of the church.

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Michigan | Camp Au Sable & Sagola

Like many camp staff, one of my prayers throughout this summer was to see God at work. I believe that the mission of summer camp is to plant seeds in the heart and not necessarily to see immediate results. However, throughout the summer, my prayer was answered again and again. As a counselor, I especially prayed that this request would be answered in the context of the girls staying in my cabin. And again, God answered that prayer.  

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Wisconsin | Camp Wakonda

Camp Wakonda has always been my home away from home--you could almost say that I was born there. I have spent countless summers coming to camp and having the best time of my life (even though the weeks would go by too fast, and before I knew it, it was time to leave). Camp always was about getting closer to God, and I even got baptized here! Camp was a place I could open up and be myself and I made so many memories here. Now this year was different but in a good way.

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